St Nicholas' Primary School

Meet the Staff 2017-2018

School Chaplain & Chair of Board of Governors

Fr. Gerry McCloskey


Senior Leadership Team

Principal - Mr Kevin Burns

Miss Mary McGrady - Senior Teacher & Head of Key Stage 2, Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Mrs Michelle Kane - SENCO & Head of Foundation & Key Stage 1


Core Curriculum Co-ordinators

Mr Kevin Burns - Numeracy, Assessment & WAU, Social Media/Facebook.

Mrs Emma Wilson - Literacy & SECI

Miss Mary McGrady - ICT (including social media & website coordinator) & Modern Languages 

Mrs Michelle Kane - SENCO & Music

Miss Christine McCann - PE & School Council

Mrs Karen Fennell - RE & PDMU. Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection





Other important Curricular & Extra-curricular co-ordinating is led by our staff in a shared leadership approach.


Teaching Staff

P1 Teacher - Mrs Michelle Kane

P2 Teacher - Mrs Karen Fennell

P3 Teacher - Miss Christine McCann

P4 Teacher - Mrs Emma Wilson

P5/6 Teacher - Miss Mary McGrady

P6/7 Teacher - Mr Kevin Burns


Support Staff

Secretary - Miss Lesley Forward

Caretaker - Mr Robbie Fitzsimons

Domestic Assistant - Mrs Anne Rogan


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Regina Fitzsimons

Mrs Barbara McCann

Miss Gemma Shields

Miss Christine Deegan

Mrs Rochelle Denver

Mr David Archer

Miss Andrea Smyth


Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Naomi Rooney


Kitchen Staff

Ms Maria Magee

Ms Roseanna Kelly

Mrs Anne McConville

Mrs Louise Milligan

Mrs Anne Rogan

Mrs Anne Laird


Patrol Crossing Supervisor

Mrs Mary Crangle