St Nicholas' Primary School




 😁 P2 CLASS! 😁

Look 👀 who visited P2 on Friday!

Finn brought his two little friends to meet us... 🐹 🐹..they were a big hit with everyone!!


This week we pretended to be archeologists. The pupils challenge was to free the ‘lego men’ and their ‘money’ without damaging the artifacts.   Each group were given a large block of ice with frozen artifacts, legomen and/or money.  


Their challenge was to PREDICT the quickest way to free them from the ice either by:  1. Adding salt. 2. Adding vinegar.  3. Using a pick to chip the ice.

Our results showed; FIRST - Vinegar, 

SECOND - salt, THIRD - Picking tool. 



This week we have been looking at consonant digraghs ‘ch’, ‘th’, ‘sh’ and ‘wh’. To introduce the sounds, and make the learning fun, we worked in teams and played some interactive games.

WAU - 👅 Our Senses🖐

This week we have been exploring the ‘5 senses’ - seeing 👀, hearing 👂, smelling 👃, taste 👅 and touch 🖐 . The children had fun designing their own senses portrait for our classroom display. They also worked with their partners to explore one of the senses and report back to the class with their findings.

🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄 


We have been busy getting into the spirit of Christmas singing carols and making lots of festive decorations! Here is just a sample of our creative work so far. 🎄🎁🎉🎶

🦉🦉🦉Barn Owls 🦉🦉🦉

This term we have been learning all about barn owls. We talked about what they look  like and what they like to eat. We then did some research to find out interesting facts about owls. As a homework project the children all designed their own ‘Barn Owl Houses,’ their creations were fantastic as you can see!

            Amazing P2!    

👀🙉 Look who made a surprise visit too...we never know what he’s going to be  up to each morning. Busy little elf 🙄👀












Anti bullying Week 2018

This year the focus is on RESPECT. The P2 children have been respecting each other's differences by wearing their odd socks today.

P2 worked so well and had great fun during our PE lesson 🤸‍♂️on BALANCE....🤸‍♀️

Handling Data 


This week we tasted lots of different fruits. For some of the children it was the first time tasting them.  After our tasting session each of us then selected one favourite fruit. The information was then added to make our pictogram. Here are our results.


What an amazing day! The behaviour from the children  throughout the whole day was fantastic..keep it up P2! The children had a fun packed day filled with competition prizes, scary dancing and   lots of yummy treats! All the children made a fantastic effort with their costumes which were fantastic. Thanks Mums and Dads 😉

Our Pumpkin Challenge Results

We have two winners!!

Our P2 trip to Castleward for the Applefest!

A fun day for P2! 

 We planted pips, made creative toffee apples, had an apple hunt and the children demonstrated their creativity making chalk blending pictures of apples.

What a busy day!!

😱👹👽Halloween 🤡👻👽

Some of our scary pumpkin creations...and some not so scary, such as Clara's pumpkin lashes! Fab!! 👀

Wow!! Look at Ethans magic bean. It sure has grown...😲🌱😁

😈Halloween Science Investigation😱

Over the last few weeks we have been introducing the children to some new concepts  and new language - estimating - guessing - height - width - length - tallest - smallest...


Our 'pumpkin challenge' is now underway! The children were asked to guess how many multilink cubes tall and wide our pumpkin was. They enjoyed guessing and we recorded each answer. 

We will be revealing the winners before the Halloween break!

Good Luck☘P2!


Phonics and Spelling

P2 have been working hard and having fun using coloured markers to write rainbow words and using our paint brushes to search for invisible words.


We went on an Autumn stroll through our Eco Garden.  The children were busy identifying signs of Autumn and looking for specific items to tick off their Autumn checklist.


This week we have had lots of fun repeating patterns  and making our own.

P2's Teddy Bear Day

Our Annual Village Walk

Introducing Numicon to P2

The children enjoyed exploring the relationship between number and shape using numicon.  They had great fun working in groups to count and match their shape grid.

Play Based Learning 

P2 children have settled in well and are really enjoying our PBL sessions in the afternoon....



We have had fun this week visiting our new topic on FAIRYTALES. We have been reading and watching 'Jack and The Beanstalk' and have been learning about plants.  The children have also enjoyed planting and counting their own magic beans. I hope they grow as high as Jack's did......

Fingers crossed 🤞


🌱 Beanstalk Observation Day 7 🌱

Today we observed how our magic beans were growing....some had grown a little more than others. The majority of our beans had sprouted tiny roots, which brought a lot of excitement to P2.  We recorded our findings and made predictions about how long each pupil thought their bean would take to reach the castle in their pot.

         Well done to our P2 Summer Sun            🥇Competition winners 🥇

Art and Design

P2s creative rainsticks underway...... And here we have the finished products.  The children have had great fun not only designing but experimenting with their new instruments.  Music to my hears!!🎶🙉​​​​​​​​​​​​


P2 had fun testing various materials to determine if they were waterproof or not.

Handling Data in P2

HOORAY... At last our BUTTERFLIES have arrived.  The excitement in P2 has been priceless!!...


Spring has last! Have you got your wellies ready P2? This term we plan to regularly venture into our eco garden to explore new life outdoors. We will be learning all about growth, life cycles and various minibeasts as well as their key features. We aim to visit the eco pond to observe the frog spawn and record their growth over the next few weeks. We will also become minibeast detectives, each completing a minibeast trail and recording our findings... busy busy bees! 


Just a little update on our hungry little friends.  They are nearly ready to be transported into their nets.  Take a closer look at some of our caterpillars who have developed in a pupa/chrysalis...

Exciting times in P2 as the process of metamorphosis is well under way...


Our P2 trip to

'The Tropical Butterfly House'.

A great educational trip filled with lots of fun... 

Life Cycle of a Caterpillar

Our class caterpillars are busy munching away growing bigger day by day...


Congratulations you were all amazing!Our P2 Spring Chicken's

Our Rocket Balloon Experiment 

This term we have been busy learning all about the planets, discussing what it would be like to live in outer space, to be an alien or an astronaut blasting into space. We also learned a lot about the first moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin which the children really enjoyed. Over the last few weeks we had a lot of fun reading and writing space poems and stories, painting space scenes, making rockets and playing imaginatively in our role play space centre. The topic generated a great deal of purposeful class discussions and helped the children formulate some fantastic questions which enhanced their understanding of the topic. 

Massive congratulations to  Ryan, Chloe, Gabbie and Katie - our little super star dancers in P2.  Fantastic achievement everyone!

In Numeracy this week we have been exploring measurement. We have been busy making predictions about the tallest and shortest pupil in P2. We also had a lot of fun tracing and measuring our feet using a variety of different measuring tools.

What more could we wish for 😁 in P2!

This term in P2 we have begun our new topic - Night and Day.  We will be learning all about the solar system and how the earth spins on its axis.  We hope to carry out lots of fun light experiments and predictions using torches and various materials. 


Digraph Games - what a great way to develop the children's listening skills, as well as how to work and negotiate as part of a team.


Our Money Topic 

We have been learning all about the topic through practical play based activities, adding a bit of competition to really motivate our young mathematicians.  

2D  and 3D Shape

We have been making colourful Elmer's.  The children had a lot of fun making them for our display. 


We have been busy getting into the spirit of Christmas singing carols and making lots of festive decorations! Here is just a sample of our creative work so far. 🎄🎁🎉🎶


😊 Welcome to 😊

Mrs Karen Fennell's P2 class

 This term our P2 topic is 'Friends and Fairytales'.  We look forward to sharing all our learning and fun experiences.    

😱Happy Halloween👻

😈Halloween Science Investigation😱

Over the last few weeks we have been introducing the children to some new concepts  - estimating - guessing - height - width - length... Our 'pumpkin challenge' is now underway and will be revealing the winners before the Halloween break! Good Luck☘P2!



What an enjoyable day out at Castleward.  P2 had a busy, fun day learning all about the seasons, growing, planting and participating in fun arts and crafts.


Spanish Day!


This week P2 have been doing lots of practical work on patterns!


St Nicolas' PS Annual Sponsored  Walk 

Some snaps of our P2 children enjoying the fun!




We have had fun this week on our new topic learning all about 'Jack and The Beanstalk' and how plants grow.  The children enjoyed planting and counting their own magic beans... I hope they grow as high as Jack's did!