St Nicholas' Primary School

School Meals

Our School Lunch Menu for Term 2



Menu for Term 1


Please find attached the EA School Meals Menu to Christmas and our Sandwich Lunch Bag options below:

🥪 Sandwich Lunch Bags 🥪 

Monday – Ham Sandwich on White Bread

Tuesday – Chicken Baguette

Wednesday – Cheese Sandwich on White Bread

Thursday – Tuna Sandwich on Brown Bread

Friday – Sweet Chilli Chicken Baguette
                 (Made with Mayonnaise)

School Meal Menu Jan - June 2021

Jan 2021 School Dinner Menu

✳️School Meals this week✳️

Monday-Chicken Burgers & Diced Potatoes
Wednesday - Chicken curry, Rice and Naan
Thursday - Savoury Mince & potatoes or Paninis
Friday - Fish and Chips

Variety of Desserts & Drinks

✳️A new menu will commence on Monday 9th November to Christmas.✳️

School Meals Menu Jan to June 2020