St Nicholas' Primary School

Start of School Year News

School News - Start of School Year 2017/18


A letter will be issued later this week to all families in our school community with information regarding the 2017/2018 School Year including important dates for your diary.


School reopens on Wed 30th August for 2017/18 for all P2-P7 pupils. 


As outlined in the P1 Induction Meeting in June our new P1s are having a staggered induction with small groups coming into school for their one induction morning either Wednesday 30th August, Thursday 31st August or Fri 1st Sept to 12noon. (The letter to P1 parents this week will have their child's Induction Day info included)


On Monday 4th September all our P1 pupils will be in school together. For the first two weeks our P1s will be in school to lunchtime and thereafter our P1s will be in to 2pm every day as normal.


Our School Office is open this Thursday morning if any parents need anything e.g. To purchase Homework Folders. 


Thanks Mr Burns (Principal)