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P1 Weekly Newsletters 2023/24

P1 Weekly Newsletter - 2022/23

Weekly Newsletters 2022/2023

St Nicholas’ PS, Ardglass Primary 1 Newsletter (26/08/20)
Hello to all our new P1 children and parents / guardians.
We hope the children are looking forward to their first morning in Primary 1 and we are excited to be working with you over the course of the school year. Children will receive a Newsletter each week with an overview of what is happening in class and any other relevant information.
Group 1 will be in tomorrow (Thursday) from 9-11am for Induction.
Group 2 will be in Friday from 9-11am for Induction.
• Monica from Pre-School will be with us tomorrow and Friday to help put the pupils at ease on their first morning.
• Pupils will be handed over to us by parents / guardians at the P1 line next to the Pre-School Entrance.
• Photos can be taken in the school yard.
Usual Drop Off and Pick Up: P1 children are to be dropped off in the rear playground next to the Pre-School by the cones provided on the white lines (1st and 3rd lines for P1). The children will then be escorted to their classroom by the teacher. They should be collected each day from the same location at 12 o’clock from Tuesday 1st September onwards.
Free School Meals - If you have successfully applied for Free School Meals for your child, they have the option of remaining in school to have dinner and they can be collected from the FRONT DOOR OF THE SCHOOL from 12.15pm during the month of September.
P1's first Full School Day will commence on Monday 28th September and pupils can be collected from 1.45pm - 2pm from the P1 Entrance.
On wet mornings the children will be taken straight into the classroom from their usual drop-off location.
Meetings: In this current climate, we are unable to talk with parents during drop off and pick up times, however should you wish to speak to a teacher, we are happy to meet with you at a suitable time. Appointments can be made by contacting the school office. PPE would be worn by all adults present during a 15 minute meeting.
School Meals: School meals will be available from Week 2 (Tuesday 1st September at a cost of £2.60. All meals must be paid for on a Monday for the whole week. We will only collect money on Mondays.
Snacks: Children bring in their own healthy snack each day.
School Bags: P1 homework starts on Monday 28th September so they will not need their schoolbags just yet. We will inform you closer to the time on when schoolbags are required.
Labels: please ensure all uniforms / school items are labelled clearly.
Change of clothes: We ask that you provide a change of clothes for your child (labelled and in a clear bag) which we will then store in school should they need them.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting you at Induction!
Mrs Kane and Miss McCann
Primary 1