St Nicholas' Primary School


P5 have been writing poems to go in our lovely Valentines Day cards

P5 wrote some lovely Christmas acrostic poems. Some pupils chose to recite them for the class!

P5 used active spelling strategies to help them learn their new spelling words

P5 learned how to arrange words into alphabetical order and then used this to become familiar with their new spelling words

P5 explored what they already knew about their new class novel before starting it based off the blurb, the cover and prior knowledge of the author

Pupils used diacritical marks to understand the sounds in their new spelling words and wrote them into the petals of Spelling Flowers to help them remember

P5 wrote acrostic poems using their spelling words

P5 worked on their spellings by writing them backwards and then writing short stories that used all of their words

P5 played some online literacy games to help with identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives

P5 diacritically marked their spelling words then looked at some more fun strategies for remembering our spellings

Rainbow Writing and Word Pyramids - 2 new fun spelling activities we tried to help us with our weekly spellings

We used Story Mountains to create plans for the Space Stories we’re about to write

P5 created some amazing alien character profiles today that we’re going to use to help us with our story writing later this week

P5 are admiring the wonderful and detailed reports they wrote about the planets in our Solar System

Making adverb wordbanks to help us with our writing

Making up our own mnemonic devices to help us spell tricky words

Uplevelling our Adjectives

Active Spelling Strategies - Diacritical Marks and finding words within words