St Nicholas' Primary School


Welcome to our P5 Class

24-06-19 W5 Trip

All the children and staff had a great time exploring W5 for their end of year trip. 

A massive thank you to Anne Shields for providing us with the competition tickets!!! 


Thank you Mr Archer


Mr Archer showed the  children a piece of Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Art that he collected on his travels Egypt. Thank you! The children were very impressed. 



Today Primary 5 were treated to Slushies which they enjoyed in the sun. 

Capacity lesson 


Today the children braved the rain to place a selection of pots and containers outside to measure the rainfall between break and lunch. We collected 100mls of rainwater in total! 


Pyramid Project 

Over the past few weeks the children have been constructing pyramids as part of their homework task. The children have put a lot of effort into this project and have been extremely creative! We have pyramids made from various materials; cardboard, plastic cups, sugar cubes, Lego, straws and many more!! Well done to all involved, the pyramids are fantastic!!! 


Fun With Decimals

This week the children have be completing lots of practical activities to help them understand decimals. The children used multi link cubes to add and subtract decimals. They all enjoyed these activities and worked extremely hard. Well done everyone! 

Miss Shields is getting married on Friday!!!! Today we had a party to celebrate. Congratulations Miss Shields we wish you the best of luck, have a wonderful day 👰❤🤵


💰💰 Primary 5 Challenge Money 💰💰


Have a look at some of the games and activities we purchased with our coppers and fives challenge money!! A massive thank you to everyone who contributed. 



Today the children enjoyed designing their own Egyptian necklaces. There were some very creative designs, well done boys and girls! 


Coppers & 5's Treat Day 

On Friday, the children enjoyed some tasty treats while watching Despicable Me 2. The children worked extremely hard to save as much money as they could for the challenge and have benefitted from tasty treats to new board games. Well done everyone, we are very proud of you all!!! 




Eco Bus 15-04-19


Today the Eco Bus made a visit to the school to teach the children the importance of recycling. The children learned the difference in the coloured bins and how to reduce, reuse and recycle. 


This week, the children had the opportunity to use 'Right Angle Finders' to explore the classroom in search or right, acute, and obtuse angles. 


Primary 5 worked extremely well today using the Magnetic boards to explore symmetry. The children thoroughly enjoyed working in pairs to test each other. 

World Book Day 08-03-19


We headed to Downpatrick today to explore the library and take part in some story telling activities. The children really enjoyed this experience; so much so, they requested application forms to become members!!



Delicious pancakes were served up with syrup and nutella before the children took part in their daily mile activity. 


As part of our Come Follow Me programme, the children had the opportunity to visit the Chapel this afternoon to take part in their session.


Today the Primary 5 children had the opportunity to make some pencil cases out of cereal boxes. The children completed this task in record time! Well done!! 

This week Primary 5 had the chance to try our new Spelling activities. The children had fun using old classics such as Connect 4, Battleships, Checkers and X's and O's,  as a different way to learn and reinforce our weekly spellings.


Keep up the good work Primary 5 😁

As part of our Chocolate Topic the children had the opportunity to try Milk, White and Dark chocolate. We used all our senses to help compare the three. Milk chocolate was our favourite! 

It's been a busy week for Primary 5!! 


On Monday we used lots of practical activities to reinforce our weekly spellings. 


We used dice to help us recognise fractions on Tuesday.  


PMac Fitness arrived on Wednesday to share his business ideas and created a circuit class. 


On Thursday we played practical numeracy activities to reinforce our Times Tables and multiplication skills. 


We celebrated Entrepreneur Day and 100 Days of School on Friday. We got to go the P6 & P7's market stalls and buy some amazing creations. Afterwards we filled our classroom with 100 balloons and timed how long it would take us to burst them.... it was only 1minute 49seconds!!


Congratulations to Katie who has passed her Piano exam with Distinction!!!! Well done Katie, you have worked extremely hard honing your skills over the past year, keep up the amazing work!!!!! 

Primary 5 thoroughly enjoy their daily Silent Reading sessions, which has greatly improved their reading skills. 

Primary 4 & 5 enjoyed a very informative talk from Cancer Focus today, which highlighted the benefits of eating healthy and how to look out for the 'Traffic Light' indicators on food packages. 

Check out Amy and her Hip Hop medal!

Well done Amy!! 

Primary 5 had lots of fun making Christmas Photo Frames. 

A massive congratulations to Katie who has just been awared her Grade 1 in piano AND a Level 8 British Gymnastics Proficiency award!!! Well done Katie, keep up the great work! 

On Tuesday the pupils in Primary 5 received their Sign Language Certificate to mark the completion of their training.


We have had the most enjoyable 4 weeks learning to sign some conversation pieces, the alphabet and some countries. 


It has been wonderful to learn this new, vital skill which will benefit the children in years to come. 


Today we took a step back in time to the Celtic period. We discovered how the Celts came to be in Ireland and what they introduced. We had lots of fun dressing up in Celtic clothes and designing our shields! All the boys and girls really enjoyed their time in the St. Patrick's Centre. 


Today the children had their first Sign Language class, it was fantastic! We learned to sign our names, the alphabet and the numbers from 1-100!!! We are all looking forward to our next lesson! 
Primary 5 had a fun filled day making Clocks, yummy strawberry and marshmallow kebabs and lots of Halloween activities. 

Making spelling fun!


The Primary 5 children have enjoyed playing the new spelling activities showcased at the Literacy Parents Evening, and stated they are "great fun and help us learn our spellings". 


We have also had the opportunity to go outside and play a Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives game.

The Primary 5 children took part in their very own version of a Teddy Bears Picnic. 


We had some nice treats along with lots of singing and dancing. 

Primary 5 really enjoyed their first day of swimming lessons. 


They splashed, they swam and had lots of fun. "Baby shark..."

The Primary 5 children have settled in well and are working extremely hard in all areas of the curriculum.


Take a look at the photos below of the children taking part in ICT, silent reading and PE.


Keep up the great work Primary 5 smiley