St Nicholas' Primary School

The Arts

P5 have been making their own Valentines Day cards

P5 marked Internet Safety day by designing posters that teach others how to be safe online - part of a whole-school competition!

P5 are getting creative and putting in the work to make our Christmas Door for this year’s competition!

P5 have created some lovely stained glass Nativity paintings to decorate the chapel in time for the KS2 Carol Service

P5 girls teamed up with the girls from P6 and P7 to create some lovely Santa sketches

P5 studied the design elements of a good logo and then made their own logos for SNASA: “The St. Nicholas Aeronautics and Space Administration” Possibly to be used in an upcoming class assembly...

P5 created art pieces based on what Community means to them for the annual Credit Union art competition

We used black card and bright paint to create some wonderful pictures of planets and stars

Some wonderful acting in Drama today as P5 put themselves in the boots of astronauts meeting the alien characters they created