St Nicholas' Primary School


Today we practised counting in 2s to 100. The children enjoyed counting in 2s using their shoes. Today we had 44 shoes in class 👟

Today we worked on our number recognition and counting to 10.

Today we developed our confidence identifying one more/one less and ten more/ ten less than a number up to 100.

Today the children were completing practical activities for numbers to 100. The children identified 10 more and 10 less than a given number. They also ordered numbers and identified one more and one less.

Today the children completed addition games. They were able to partition numbers and use mental maths strategies to solve problems.

During numeracy, the children worked on their number recognition and ordering numbers to 10.

Today in Numeracy, the children engaged in activity based learning. The children deepened their understanding of addition through games using the dice, cubes and numicon. The children really enjoyed this lesson and had lots of fun learning through play! 👍

This week in Numeracy the children used the numicon to make teen numbers. The children were able to add a single digit to ten and then count to find out how many there are altogether.