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Miss Hood

Mrs Fitzsimons

Miss McClinton

Welcome to our P1 class page. Here you can find out what the children have been getting up to in class each week. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me on


Miss Hood


ARCHIVE 2022-2023


We got to feed a baby lamb because we're learning all about the farm!




St Patrick's Day Art!

Learning all about money!

We learnt some colours in Irish and how to say Hello!

P7 helped us make some Crabs for WAU!

Making the letter 'f' out of playdough

Decorating cats for our 'c' sound!

Our tasty Marshmallow Snowmen!

Walk to the harbour to see the boats for our Topic!

Digging for treasure!

Making some delicious Pirate's Grog!

Autumn Walk to the Community Gardens!

The letter P

Making Toast!

Pumpkin Carving!

Learning all about 2D Shapes!



Spending some time with our P7 Buddies!


Some pictures of us having fun outside!


The Dog's Trust visited us!


We got some new balance bikes for the playground!



Meeting our new buddies form P7!


Having some fun on our first day!


Our first day in P1!



P1 Class 2021/2022

Fun in the sun...🌝

P1 enjoying some Irish language activities!

Making Easter Treats!🐣

Easter Egg Hunt! πŸ₯š

Planting sunflowers🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Primary 1 having a ball in our Acti-Sport PE sessions...

P1 rounded off our topic 'King's Castle' with a battle of knights. 

b is for...balloon!🎈

Well done to our colouring competition winner- Bria-Rose! 

Pancake Tuesday in Primary 1...

Parachute games....

Break the Rules Day in P1...

Fun with 'puppet pals' on the ipads!  

Our handprint Castles...

5 fat sausages...

Show me...

Great to welcome back all these smiling faces! Happy New Year to you all! 

In groups, we made a plasticine boat then tested each one to see which could hold the heaviest load! 

P1 made some Santa letters with the help of their P7 buddies...

Funky Hat Friday! 

Buddy fun...

Our waterproof experiment! 

Time for prayer...

Sorting for size...

Celebrating Maths Week! 

Our new sound "s"!

We have been doing lots of work on our new topic..."Ardglass Ahoy!"

Well done Aine for making it onto our superhero board! Excellent work! 


Meet the team.. 


Puppet Pals on the ipads...

Phonics fun in the playground...
PE with Mr Mason
Work hard....😁
This week in Primary 1...getting muddy, number work, the 'c' sound, 5 fat sausages, pirate day, something fishy, trip to spar for a surprise treat and lots of festive fun! 
Lots more work on our sounds this week...
Something fishy going on in Primary 1...
Busy bees in P1- lots of sound work, numbers and pirate fun. laugh
Another busy week in primary 1...practising our new sounds and numbers, designing a pirate ship, PE with coach Liam and all rounded off with a trip to Docs!
Well done Arabella- who made it onto the superhero reward chart! πŸ‘

Week beginning: 2/11/20

This week the children have been busy practising their sounds (including our new 'i' sound) and meeting number 3. 

We have been learning about different types of fish in our World Around Us topic- Ardglass Ahoy and we are looking forward to visiting Docs next Friday.

Halloween fun in Primary 1!
We met our new 'i' sound this week.
This week we met number 2 and the 't' sound. Check out our class displays and all the work we have completed in class.
Well done to our superhero workers this week....Conall and Tianna. Keep up the great work! 
This week we have been learning our new 'a' sound, practising our number 1 and doing LOTS of practical shape work. 
This week Primary 1 have been learning the 's' sound. We have been practising writing our new sound in lots of different ways.
Finding objects that begin with our new 's' sound...
Making 's' πŸ˜‹
Grow in Love- We are all unique
Floating and Sinking experiment 
Primary 1 had a great time exploring our new fantastic eco garden! We can't wait to get back out next week! 
Another busy week in P1- painting, patterns, grow in love, counting and lots more....
P1 had a sneaky peek at our new Eco- Garden and enjoyed a story in the outdoor classroom.😁
Playground Patterns...
Marshmallow patterns...yum!πŸ˜‹
Exploring some new apps on the iPads...
Getting excited about the launch of our new Eco-Garden! 
Outdoor Sorting....
A huge welcome to Amy who has joined us all the way from Bermuda. We enjoyed learning a little bit about our new classmate and where she is from. 
Friday morning on the iPads! 
Using the Bee-Bots!
Off to a flying start....
Our P1 Induction mornings went very well and lots of smiling faces of our new pupils brightened our morning. The pupils looked lovely in their new uniforms and many thanks for Monica's support. School will be 9am-12 noon for September (12.15pm collection for those getting Free School Meals)


St Nicholas’ PS, Ardglass Primary 1 Newsletter (26/08/20)
Hello to all our new P1 children and parents / guardians.
We hope the children are looking forward to their first morning in Primary 1 and we are excited to be working with you over the course of the school year. Children will receive a Newsletter each week with an overview of what is happening in class and any other relevant information.
Group 1 will be in tomorrow (Thursday) from 9-11am for Induction.
Group 2 will be in Friday from 9-11am for Induction.
• Monica from Pre-School will be with us tomorrow and Friday to help put the pupils at ease on their first morning.
• Pupils will be handed over to us by parents / guardians at the P1 line next to the Pre-School Entrance.
• Photos can be taken in the school yard.
Usual Drop Off and Pick Up: P1 children are to be dropped off in the rear playground next to the Pre-School by the cones provided on the white lines (1st and 3rd lines for P1). The children will then be escorted to their classroom by the teacher. They should be collected each day from the same location at 12 o’clock from Tuesday 1st September onwards.
Free School Meals - If you have successfully applied for Free School Meals for your child, they have the option of remaining in school to have dinner and they can be collected from the FRONT DOOR OF THE SCHOOL from 12.15pm during the month of September.
P1's first Full School Day will commence on Monday 28th September and pupils can be collected from 1.45pm - 2pm from the P1 Entrance.
On wet mornings the children will be taken straight into the classroom from their usual drop-off location.
Meetings: In this current climate, we are unable to talk with parents during drop off and pick up times, however should you wish to speak to a teacher, we are happy to meet with you at a suitable time. Appointments can be made by contacting the school office. PPE would be worn by all adults present during a 15 minute meeting.
School Meals: School meals will be available from Week 2 (Tuesday 1st September at a cost of £2.60. All meals must be paid for on a Monday for the whole week. We will only collect money on Mondays.
Snacks: Children bring in their own healthy snack each day.
School Bags: P1 homework starts on Monday 28th September so they will not need their schoolbags just yet. We will inform you closer to the time on when schoolbags are required.
Labels: please ensure all uniforms / school items are labelled clearly.
Change of clothes: We ask that you provide a change of clothes for your child (labelled and in a clear bag) which we will then store in school should they need them.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting you at Induction!
Mrs Kane and Miss McCann
Primary 1

Week beginning: 29-06-20

This week will be our final message for Primary One so we want to wish you and your families all the very best over the summer months. We look forward to seeing you all again in the new school year. 

It certainly wasn't the year we had all hoped for- but it has been lovely getting to know you all and we will miss you all very much. Read the poem below written especially for you!


We have also produced a short video for you to enjoy- sharing some of our memories of P1. You can view this on our school Facebook page!

Best wishes to you all. X


Goodbye Primary One


Your first year of school was indeed a stange one.

We missed out on lots of class work and hours of having fun!

But even though our time together went by so very fast,

We've loved getting to know you- it's really been a blast!

From our 'greatest showman' Conor who always loves to chat,

To our words whizz Oisin sitting nicely on the mat.

Our superhero Noah always there to save the day,

Isla's hilarious characters that she acts in her role play.

Freddie with his junk creations always loves a laugh,

Elsie always smiling and how she does love a 'giraffe '.

Computer genius Sonny always hunting for an iPad,

Abbey always there for you if you are feeling sad.

Teagh's lovely manners and his latest Lego creation,

Jasmine in the role play with her great imagination.

Harry's funny stories making other children smile,

Daniel always helping, getting stickers all the time.

Our dance monkey Amber singing us a song,

Clever clogs Preston who never answers wrong.

Our phonics wizard Mila reading words before the rest,

Charlie the star 'jumper' always giving it his best.

Adam's caring nature and his willingness to share,

Miley always honest, being kind and fair.

Joey's super writing being praised by Mr Burns,

Darraghs great behaviour, always good at taking turns.

And not forgetting Jonny- we call him Jonny Cool,

He puts a smile upon your face when he comes to school.

And then of course we met Devon toward the very end,

Another super student who we now have as our friend.


It's been such a pleasure Primary One,

We have loved meeting you.

And now we wish you all the best

As you move on to Primary Two.

Memories- take a look at the video clip we have made for you on our school Facebook page - what was your favourite memory of P1? Talk about this with someone in your home. Maybe they can tell you about some of their favourite memories from school. 😁

Week beginning: 22/06/20

Hello Primary 1! We hope you are all keeping well and continuing your sound revision. This week we would like everyone to sign up to a fun Reading Challenge! πŸ“š πŸ“šπŸ“š


The Reading Agency and Libraries have announced a 2020 Reading Challenge for children of all ages throughout the summer! Therefore we are asking you all to take part in 'The Silly Squad!'

'The Silly Squad' will focus on funny books, happiness and laughter! It will be run through a safe online platform which allows for exciting interactive reading experiences, including eBooks and audiobooks. There will be online activities, videos, quizzes, games and rewards to unlock along the way. Every child who completes their own Challenge will receive a downloadable certificate.
When creating an account, select Libraries NI as your local Library authority!

Sign- up for FREE at: 


Happy reading! πŸ€—

Week beginning: 15/06/20

Hello P1! Hope you are continuing to revise over your letter sounds and key words. If you do this at least 2 / 3 times each week you will be off to a great start in P2! πŸ˜„ I have included some Cvc games below to help you with your revision as well your home learning packs. 

We have a new 1/4 zip O'Neills school top that can be worn in school- not only on PE days but every day!  All tops will have your child’s personal initials. If you would like to place an order or for further details please have a look at the link below. 


Week beginning: 8/6/20

Hello Primary One- hope you are all keeping well. πŸ€— 

Hopefully you have all had a chance to plant your sunflower seed and you’re beginning to see some signs of growth. We would love to see some pictures of your sunflower so please feel free to share any pictures by emailing us-

We have now completed all of our initial letter sounds. Please continue to revise these each week to keep them fresh and ensure you are all set for P2. Try some of the cvc worksheets in your pack. Use the sound mat provided in your pack to help you. Below are some links to various YouTube videos that might refresh your phonic knowledge. Good luck! 

Blending CVC words
Alphablocks- a fun animated cartoon to help with your sound revision. Also available on BBC iplayer.

BUG CLUB: Don’t forget to access this fantastic online reading resource. To access - click on the yellow log in button and enter your child's details. The username is your child's first name initial followed by their surname.

password: ardglass21

school code: jhma 

Maths- our focus this week is SUBTRACTION. Try some of the take away sums below, use the number line provided in your home learning pack also. 
3D shapes- match the 3D shape to the everyday object then choose one of the learning challenges to complete at home. 
3D shape song

Week beginning: 1/6/20

Hi Primary One. πŸ€— Hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. We were due to have our sports day in school this week so we have some sports day challenges for you to complete at home. 
Our last letterland character is ‘Yellow Yo-yo Man’. Listen to his song using the link below and try some of the activities included. The children should hopefully know most / all of their letter sounds at this stage. Use the sound mat provided in your home learning pack to revise all sounds and encourage the children to use this when completing the written work provided. 

Some sports day events for you to try at home!

Sprint- Find a good spot to practise your sprinting. Maybe you could get someone to time you and try to beat that time.

Potato and spoon- balance a potato onto a spoon and try running without dropping the potato. Maybe you could have a race with someone in your family. 
Balance run- balance a book / rolled up pair of socks or any other item that might suit on your head and try racing without it falling off. 

Obstacle course- create your very own obstacle course (like the one pictured below) then try to complete it as quickly as you can. 

Don’t forget to email any pictures to:

Look forward to seeing some good action shots. πŸ€— 



Find the pictures below that begin with the ‘y’ sound .

Try some of these Sports Day themed maths challenges.

Week beginning: 25/05/20

Hello Primary One! Hope you are all well. Our third and final pack will be available for collection tomorrow. We have included a lot of revision work and an exciting project for you to enjoy over the coming weeks....’My Sunflower’. Children will receive their own plant pot with compost, seeds and a decoration, along with a ‘Sunflower Diary’ to record the growth of their sunflower. 
The packs will also include an end of year checklist and some assessments that we use at the end of Primary One. 
Our letter sound for this week is ‘q’. Have a look at the activities below to learn more about this sound.

Try some the of the Cvc worksheets included in your pack. The children should be able to use their letter sounds to read these words. Your pack will include a Sound Mat which the children can refer to if need be. Any questions or concerns- please let us know. We are happy to support you in any way we can. Email:


Our letterland character for ‘q’ is the Quarrelsome Queen. Listen to her song using the link below and practise writing this new sound.  
Have a look at the pictures below. They all start with the letter ‘q’.

Maths challenge 

This week we would like you to revise your 2D shape names by going on a shape hunt. Find an item in your house that matches each of the shapes below. Happy hunting! 

Week beginning: 18/05/20

Hello Primary 1! We hope you and your families are all keeping well.πŸ€— Thanks for all the pictures and emails sent in so far. It is lovely to see all the things you have been up to at home.  We have a nice activity in store for you this week- a family picnic! Our tasks this week will related to this ‘picnic’ theme, including the story ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’. Listen to the story and try some of the home learning challenges about the story. 

Story: The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch
Have a look at the pictures below of some things you might see at your picnic. Do you know what sound each picture starts with?
Numeracy- count how many! 
Some picnic addition......

Week beginning: 11/05/2020

Hello Primary 1! We hope you have all enjoyed the sunny bank holiday weekend. Our new letter to focus on for the week is ‘X’ which makes a ‘kiss’ sound. Meet our new letterland character Max and listen to the song below. Try some of the activities included if you wish to practise your new sound. 


Letterland song: X
Have a go at reading some of the ‘x’ words below. 

Reading challenge 

Have a go at reading the sentences below. Choose which sentence matches the picture. Use your sounds to help you make the words. 


Have a listen to our class number song to recap on all the numbers we have learned in class. 

Then have a go at the one more one less problems below. You can use a number line or some practical resources to support your child. 

World Around Us

This week we would like you to create your very own seaside picture using only natural materials (sticks,stones,leaves etc) Have a look at the examples below. We would love to see what you come up with so feel free to email your creations to


Week beginning: 4/5/20

Hello Primary 1! Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying some lovely sunshine! 

Our new letter this week is 'z'. Read the story below and practise writing the letter. 

Try this weeks writing challenge also! 

Zig Zag Zebra song- you tube

Writing Challenge

Look at the pictures below. Have a go at writing the words. Don’t forget you can share your work  by emailing it to

Oxford Owl has a range of free e books that your children can have a go at reading. Try some of the level 1 books.πŸ“š
Grow in Love: May is the month of Mary- say the prayer ‘Hail Mary’ with your family to remember Mary. Maybe you could draw a picture also. 

Week beginning: 27/04/20

Our focus this week will be the ‘v’ sound. Read the story for ‘Vase of Violets’ and click the link below to hear the song.

Our focus in numeracy is ‘Greedy Zero’. Read through the story below and have a go at writing the number. 
We hope you have all received the home learning packs provided. If there’s anything else we can do to support you and your child, please do not hesitate to contact us via the email provided. Feel free to share any pictures / videos also. 

Don’t forget to access the range of reading resources online. Both Collins and Oxford Owl have a selection of books that the children can have a go at reading. Enjoy! 

Vase of Violets song
V sound- video
Starfall CVC word game- try to read some of the words you see. πŸ€—
CHALLENGE: how many of the words below can you read? Blend your sounds together to make the word. Good luck! 
The Number Zero
The number Zero- You Tube Video


Includes: Literacy- initial letter sounds / letter formation / sentence work / high frequency words / digraphs (ch,sh,th,wh) and capital letters.

Numeracy: numbers to ten / ordinal numbers / addition and subtraction, 2D shapes / money and time.

World Around Us: a selection of activities relating to summer and the seaside.

Home Learning Online Resources for Primary 1! 😁

Below is a list of websites and links that the children can access during the school closure. We hope you are able to utilise these during this time to assist the children with their learning at home.

By the end of Primary 1 children should know all of their letter sounds and the tricky words which have been sent home in your child's word book. These should be revisited on a daily basis (just ten minutes each day) to ensure the children are up to date. The children should know their numbers to ten and begin to solve simple addition / subtraction sums within this number. The activities and sites listed below should serve to consolidate learning within the classroom and build upon the children's knowledge and understanding. 

Aside from all of this- be sure to enjoy some physical activity / art work / craft / baking / building....and whatever else works for you! 😊  Keep safe! 

Mrs Kane and Miss McCann 

If you have any questions or queries regarding your child’s home learning, or if you would like to share some pictures of their work- you can email: 

Week beginning: 20/04/20

The focus for this week is the ‘w’ sound. Read the story of Water Witch below and practise writing your new sound at home. Can you find 3 things in your home that start with your new sound? 
Another area to focus on is- simple addition. The children have not completed any addition in class so this is a new mathematical skill for them to learn. There are some activities and ideas included below for you to help your child. 

Click the links below to help you learn your new sound.

‘W’ video - you tube

Click the link below to play some of our phonics games from class. 
Addition to 10 powerpoint

Week beginning 13/04/20 


The focus for this week is the ‘l’ sound. Meet Lucy Lamp Lady and read her story. You can then try some of the songs / activities below to practise this new sound. 

Click the link below to listen to Lucy Lamp Lady’s song.
Find the things that start with ‘l’.
Find the letter ‘l’ game

Week beginning: 06/04/20

This weeks focus will be the number 10. The children should be able to count, read and write the number. We have included a picture of Tiger 10 and the story to accompany. 

Below are some home learning ideas relating to the number ten. 
Ten Green Bottles song
Count the Yeti 1 to 10 game

Week beginning: 30/03/20

This weeks focus is the ‘v’ sound.  Click the link below to listen to the jolly phonics song for ‘v’. You can practise writing the letter ‘v’ at home.

Twinkl are offering a range of resources for parents to use during school closures. There are many worksheets, games, powerpoints and stories to suit all age groups and abilities. 
This is an excellent site for online reading. To access the resources click on 'student sign in'. Then type in the school postcode: BT30 7SF and enter the appropriate details for your child. 

BUG CLUB: another great online reading resource. To access - click on the yellow log in button and enter your child's details. The username is your child's first name initial followed by their surname.

password: ardglass21

school code: jhma 

The children have been learning their sounds through these letterland characters. Good for revision work and learning the remaining sounds. 
Starfall 'learn to read' section has lots of word games to help children with their phonics.
The children play these phase 2 phonics games in class. You will have to sign up to access the free resources it offers. 
You can find these short clips on you tube: alphablocks- it helps children to blend their sounds to form words.
Some great counting games for Primary 1. There are also different categories you can choose which cover a range of mathematical skills.
Oxford Owl has a range of free Ebooks that the children can try reading along to. Some of these include books from Oxford Reading Tree which the children read in school.
Some fun maths games and activities for Primary 1 children. 
CBeebies offer a selection of games, puzzles and stories for children to enjoy.
Counting song that the children sing in class.
2D shape song from class.
Green day....
No better way to finish off our 'winter' topic......ICE CREAM!!!!πŸ˜‹
Hot chocolate and marshmallows on a cold, wintery day....yum! 
Well done Joey- winner of our internet safety poster competition πŸ₯‡
An afternoon with grandparents πŸ˜ƒ
Making CVC words
P1 number detectives
Casey's Creatures visit Primary 1! 
Learning the number 3!
Halloween in Primary 1! πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
Out for a walk with our buddies to view some of the different homes in our local area! 
Celebrating World Culture Week by learning all about Nepal. 
P1 had some visitors today! 
Another week in Primary 1! 
The children interviewed our caretaker Robbie as part of our World Around Us topic.
Sorting in primary 1! 
P1 had a great time playing parachute games in P.E.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Busy bees 🐝🐝🐝
Buddy fun in Primary 1! 😁
Fun at the Skipathon! 
Charlie 'karate kid' Holland was in top form! πŸ˜€
Another busy week in primary 1!

Off to a flying start in Primary 1!smiley