St Nicholas' Primary School


Great to see a fantastic turn out for our Entrepreneur Market! Thanks to all involved πŸ’°

Getting festive with our buddy time this week! 🌲 πŸŽ…πŸ» πŸ•―οΈ 🌟

Congratulations to Kara who qualified for the World Irish Dancing Championships 2024! ☘️

Great to see so many P7 pupils participating in their end of year awards event over the weekend with Ard Ghlais CLG! Well done boys and girls! ⚽️

Great to see Finn competing in a Kickboxing competition over the weekend πŸ‘Œ

Great day celebrating green and gold day today! Finished off with a Buddy session with P1 buddies πŸ‘Œ

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Archive 2022-23

Chippy Party! 
We reached our points target on Dojo this week and got our reward of a Chippy Party. Thanks to Docs for supplying us with the delicious food. It went down a treat! 

Landmarks Project 

Today, the start of our class projects began to arrive in and they are unbelievable. 

Netball in PE 

Today we give netball a go in PE. We had great fun using our new netball nets and balls. 

Museum on the move 

Over the past few weeks we have had Laura from the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum enter our class room via Microsoft teams. She has been talking to us about all stuff Titanic. We had great fun with the artefacts and listening to all the interesting facts. 

Down GAA coaching 

We were delighted to have Liam back in school from Down GAA to put us through our paces. 


We finished off the first half term in style. We had a brilliant disco and class party. 


We enjoyed are fresh fruit again this month and we got crackers and cheese as an extra treat. As you can see from the photo neither lasted to long in P7






Buddy Session 

Today the buddies came to join us in our classroom. We helped them with some Halloween art and brought their pumpkins to live with AR technology on the iPads.

Mental Maths Week 2022

For mental Maths week we took part in two quizzes. One against loads of school from across Ireland and one in school ran by Mr Burns. 

Outdoor mental maths

We took advantage of our amazing playground markings and played a variety of mental maths games that worked on our times tables and quick addition and subtraction. 



Fresh Fruit Fridays 

Fresh fruit Fridays are back. We enjoyed a range of free fruit this morning and can’t wait for it again in October. 


we have been busy helping our P1 buddies settle into our school. Today, we rolled back the years and went to the P1 classroom to play with our buddies. 

European Day of Languages

This week we took part in the European day of languages. The class created posters with a range of French words they have learnt over the year so far! 

Dogs Trust 

We had a visit from Dogs trust and we talked about the importance of staying safe around dogs! 

Local Landmarks 

To start are landmarks topic we have started by looking at Landmarks in Northern Ireland and the Giants Causeway in particular. We have researched it and began some art work on the UNESCO site. 


We have had the wonderful opportunity to learn how to play GAA handball in PE thanks to Fiona from Ulster GAA. The class are enjoying it and skills are improving every week! 


Primary 7 have been busy settling back into school. We took some time out to enjoy the great weather and our brilliant play spaces





We have started working towards our Cycling Proficiency Certificate this week. We have been looking at the equipment needed to cycle safely, how to check our bike and how we take off! 

​​​​​Our Confirmation 

We received The Holy Spirit today. Well done to all the children who performed their jobs brilliantly. We had a party to celebrate in school the next day! 

Confirmation Letters 

Today, we delivered our letters asking our sponsors if they would stand for us at our Confirmation. Along the way we met the Netflix film crew who were it Ardglass filming a scene in an upcoming movie.

Titanic Display 

We have been writing out Titanic Newspapers reports in class. Once we typed them up we tea stained them to make the look like the were written at the time of the Titanic. 

Tug Of War

We had great fun in PE with Graham from ActiSport. We got to see who was the strongest in the class as we held a Tug of War competition!


Digital SchoolHouse

We went to St Malachy’s High School Castlewellan today to take part in their Digital Schoolhouse initiative. We learnt about coding and how a computer follows instructions perfectly! 

Titanic Projects 

We got to take home our Titanic Project this week. Everyone put in a great effort and it made for a brilliant display in our corridor! Below is a selection of the brilliant work.


We were using 2d shapes to solve Tangram puzzles in maths today! 

Our New Board 

We got to enjoy our brilliant new board today! We look forward using it our lessons! 

World Book Day 

We had brilliant fun at the Mad Hatter Tea party to celebrate World Book Day! Thanks to the PTA for organising!  

Pancake Day 

We made pancakes today to celebrate Pancake Tuesday. They were delicious!

Break the Rules 

Today we had had great fun breaking the school rules. We wore our own clothes, had unhealthy break and even cheated in our spelling test (Don’t tell Mr Burns) 


We put the teachers through their spelling test and they won us a cake each for our class! 

Falconry Display   
We had the maxing opportunity to get up close and personal with Birds of prey today! 

We found out a range of facts and they flew on to our arms! 

Acti Sport! 
We have loved having Acti Sport taking our Tuesday PE session! We can’t wait to have them again after the mid term! 

Titanic Trip 

Today, we headed to the Titanic Museum for a wonderful educational trip. We had great fun and learnt some brilliant facts! 


Dogs Trust 

We had a great talk today about the importance of looking after dogs properly and how to act around them. 

Titanic Workshop

We had a brilliant workshop on The Titanic delivered by Cathleen's Attic. The children got to handle artefacts thy were on board Titanic and play with toys of the time! We also learnt about local passengers that boarded the ship in Belfast! 


Primary 7, have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe over the holidays. I will see you all in the New Year! 

Snow Globe Fun! 
What a way to finish up for Christmas. We were treated to a bouncy castle in school today. Thanks to Eurospar and Fiona for organising this! 


Christmas Dinner

Thank you to our brilliant Kitchen Staff for our lovely Dinner today in school! It was delicious! 


Christmas Play 

We had great fun performing our Nativity. Unfortunately, there was no crowd allowed in but you can see the show on our YouTube channel. 

After, we were treated to Ice Cream from Brennans. Thanks to the PTA for organising this! 


Christmas Door 2021

Our Appy Christmas door won this years competition! 
We had a great time making it happen! 

Titanic Writing 

We completed our Titanic topic with a piece of recount writing. You can also see our writing on C2k Newsdesk! 


Tin Foil Boats

Today, we investigated to see how many pennies our tin foil boats could hold before sinking! 

Odd Socks Day 

To celebrate Anti Bullying Week, we wore odd socks to show that we are all unique and special! 

Funky Hat Day 

We wore funky hats today to raise money for Fountain Food-bank in Downpatrick.


We met up with our buddies today to help them make their Santa list! 

Titanic Portholes

We made some Titanic portholes in school. They look amazing in our corridor 


Today, we planted new flowers around our Mary statue! 


Edina Bulb Project! 
Today, we had a great big Autumn Clear-Up  and planted Spring Bulbs as part of our participation in the Edina Trust Bulb Project. Thank you to Robbie for helping us! 



Halloween Party Day

We had great fun at our party and dress up day. Now for a well deserved week off!


School Football

Our new school kit got its first run out today! We had a great mornings fun! 

Mega Maths Quiz 

Our children took part in the Mega Maths Quiz today to celebrate Maths Week Ireland! 

Road Safety Talk

The PSNI were in today to talk to the children about being safe when using the road. 

Outdoor Maths 

Today, we went outside and made some angles using sticks. We made a range of angles and used protractors to measure them! 

Local Landmarks Walk 

Today, we took a walk around Ardglass to look at some of the local landmarks we have in our community. We stopped off at the harbour, the marina, Jordan’s Castle and Ardglass Golf Club! 

Maths Week 

Today we took part in the ‘Maths Rocks’ Webinar with Andrew Jeffery. He combined Numeracy and magic. Our minds were blown. 


Buddies are back! 
We met are new P1 buddies today. We took them to the library and read them a book! 


Landmark Art! 
As part of our landmarks topic we created silhouettes of landmarks around the world! They look great!





National Fitness Day! 
We completed some circuits in PE this week to celebrate National Fitness Day! 


☘️☘️Irish landmarks☘️☘️

This week in WAU we have been busy researching landmarks in Ireland. We have also created a fact file on our landmarks. Some are within walking distance of our school! 

Leadership Roles 

Today, we found out some of the leadership roles we will have for the first half term. 






And we are back!! 
It’s great to be back in school! We are looking forward to a busy and exciting year in Primary 7! 

End of year message! 
Primary 7, 


I have absolutely loved being your teacher this year. You are a great class who will be greatly missed in St Nicholas’. 

Continue to be yourself in Post Primary and you will shine! 

Thanks for everything, 
Mr Mason


Ancient Olympics 

This week we started our Olympic topic. We looked at the Ancient Olympic Games. They winners weren’t given medals but instead an Olive wreath. Today in class we made the wreaths they would have received! 


Today, we had a practical lesson making scones. We then sold them to our teachers and staff in school. We made £40 profit, which we will spend on our end of year trip. 

Cycling Proficiency βœ…

We went out onto the road today to complete our cycling programme. We have displayed over the last few weeks our ability to cycle safely on the road and passed our theory test . 

Lunch in the Eco Garden 

Eco Garden Art

We were busy weaving ribbons in our Eco Garden. We created fish to fit in with our nautical theme. 

Cycling continues 

we were back out on our bikes today continuing are safe cycling programme. This week we look at the left turn! 


This week in stem we had to protect a egg when it was dropped on three different surfaces. Next week we are having a paper aeroplane competition


This week we got involved in a fun STEM activity. We had to design and construct a marble run. We then scored points based on our design, construction and how well it worked. 

The teams came up with brilliant designs and names. We had ‘hole in one’, ‘marble monstrosity’, ‘Tunnel of terror’, ‘twisty tumble’ and ‘lava run’ compete. 


All the designs worked as we managed to deposit the marble in the cup and the end of our run. 

Next week, we will be trying to protect an egg from cracking when it’s dropped from a height. 

PE we have missed you 


We loved getting back to our PE lessons today. We played games were we had to work as a team. 




Growing our own vegetables 

Mr Burns took us out today to show us our new new little greenhouses. We planted carrot, leeks , peas and lettuce seeds. We are going to water then and watch them grow over the next while and move them into our new poly tunnel when it arrives.  

Lunch tastes nicer in the Canteen 

For the first time this year we got to eat our dinner in the canteen! We loved seeing the dinner ladies again and our food was lovely as always. 

We are back! 

we are so excited to back in school, we had great fun and loved seeing all our friends again after so long away! 

Trolley Dash

Today, we had to go to Eurospar and get a trolley. It is waiting in our front entrance to be filled with donations from parents, pupils and staff. The donations will make its way to people that need it most this Christmas! 

Christmas ready 

This week we got into the Christmas spirit. We decorated our door, put up our tree and finished our snow globes display. 

Snow Globes 

Today in P7 we started to create our snow globes for our Christmas display. 

Rain Gauge 

Today, we built our own rain gauges using used bottles. We placed them in the Eco Garden and will check and measure the amount of rainfall over the next week.

World Climate Zones 

Today we were learning about the 6 different climate zones in the world as part of our weather topic. We also discussed the difference between the weather and climate. 

Outdoor Learning Day 
We went to the Eco Garden to celebrate Outdoor Learning Day. We used STEM activities to build a boat out of sticks. The aim was to try and get the boat to float. 

Air Hockey 

Today we played a cool game in PE. We had to try and score by putting the bean bag past our opponent. We were only allowed to use the cone to push and stop the bean bag.

Action Mental Health Workshop 

Today Catherine from Action Mental Health came in and give the children a brilliant workshop on how to look after their mental health and ways of improving it or keeping it as positive as possible!  

School Council Election 

Today in P7 we voted for our class representatives on the School Council. We listened to each candidate’s manifesto and then placed our ballet in the box. Congratulations to Toryn and Leontia who received the most votes and will take there place on the School council for the coming year. 

Landmarks Display

We done some art recently in WAU and created these brilliant silhouettes of landmarks around the world. Can you recognise any? 


3D Shapes 

today we investigated the properties of 3D shapes. 

Covid 19 update

There has been a positive case in school, but we have to stress that it doesn’t directly affect our class bubble. Attached below is the letter regarding the case. 


European Landmarks

This week in our WAU topic we have been looking at European Landmarks. Today we had to sort out famous landmarks with their location and a piece of information about it. 


We got our first taste of GAA coaching today. We practiced our fist pass and catching. The game at the end was great fun. Look at them smiles. #GAA5StarCentre 

Eco Garden- A Sneak Peak 

Today we took advantage of the good weather and seen the Eco Garden for the first before it’s launch next Friday. We got a guided tour and done some PDMU work. We can’t wait to use it again. 


We have been busy learning about landmarks. Today we had a cross curricular lesson which including measuring and estimating.

Super Student 4/9

Our super student this week was Amy for great manners and brilliant work in Numeracy. 


Sneak Peak at the Eco Garden 

The eco councillors in P7 got to get a sneak peak at the brand new eco garden this afternoon. It is a wonderful space and the children can’t wait to be able to use it during their lesson and free time. 

Landmarks Walk 

Today we took the opportunity to get out and about around Ardglass and look at the wonderful landmarks our area has to offer. This helped with our WAU topic that we are covering this term ‘Famous Landmarks.’ We took in the harbour, Jordan’s Castle and The Oldest Golf clubhouse in the world. 

Roles and Responsibilities 2020/21

Today we got selected for different Roles that need to be performed through out the year. These jobs include House Teams captains, Eco Councillors, Digital leader and Library Monitors 


PE fun 

We are trying our best to have a normal as possible school day. We had some great fun during PE in the fresh air today. We worked on our throwing and passing. 


Super Student 

Our first super student of the year was Aodhan. The class settled in really well in their first week back in school. 

New Year Begins



Class of 2021 

Goodbye Primary 7 

As we come to the end of the strangest of School years, I just want to thank you all for your hard work both in school and at home over these last few months. 
It has been a pleasure to teach you all this year, enjoy your summer and be prepared and ready to achieve great things when September comes. 

All the best,

Mr Mason 

Monday Message (22/06/20)

Hi, Primary 7 I hope you really enjoyed your leavers day, and seeing all your friends again for the first time in a long time. As you would be on your holidays, I’m using the Monday message to direct you to a summer reading initiative. 


The Reading Agency and Libraries have announced their 2020 Reading Challenge! 

This is a great opportunity to promote reading for children of all ages throughout the summer! Reading is such an important skill for all children and should feel fun and exciting! Therefore, we are asking you all to take part in 'The Silly Squad!' 

'The Silly Squad' will focus on funny books, happiness and laughter! It will be run through a safe online platform which allows for exciting interactive reading experiences, including eBooks and audiobooks. There will be online activities, videos, quizzes, games and rewards to unlock along the way. Every child who completes their own Challenge will receive a downloadable certificate. 

When creating an account, select Libraries NI as your local Library authority! 

Sign- up for FREE at:

Monday Message 15/06/20

Primary 7, this week we would be heading into our final week of Primary School.


***I need you to decorate an A4 page with 1 of the following. Something you will miss about St Nicholas' or with you favourite memory of primary school. I then need you to bring this with you on Friday.  We are planning to make a video to mark your leavers. Make it nice and colourful ***


I can't wait to see you all on Friday, and give you all the send off you deserve. πŸ‘

Monday Message (8/06/20)

At the end of last week you all found out what Post Primary school you will be attending next year. 


This week alongside your Numeracy

and Literacy work, I want you to find out as much information about your new school as possible by searching the school's website. 


Principal name? subjects on offer and the teachers that teach them? after school clubs? The time school starts and ends at? how long does each class last? How will you get there? And any other important information you find! 


Good luck 



Monday Message (1/6/20)

This week coming in, is my favourite week of the school year and one the children in P7 enjoy greatly. It should have been our residential and sports day week.


This week we are going to take a break from the packs (Don't tell Me Burns🀫). I want you to get out and complete as many fun games and activities in the garden or green space and go on a nice scenic walk just like we would have been doing on the residential. 


Sports day is also very popular and this week we want you to complete your very own sports day at home. Details of the races are on the school Facebook page.


Again I'd ask you to send in pictures of the activities as these events would always feature heavily in our leavers slideshow. 


Thanks you 

Mr Mason 



Monday Message (25/05/20)

Hi guys, just a reminder that you can pick up your last learn at home pack today (Monday) in school from 12 o'clock. 

In this pack you will find revision of topics and a few assessments. 

Please remember to send in your photos for the leavers slideshow, and I will also be in contact with parents/guardians later on this week for a very special project we have planned. 

As always stay safe, do some work and if the weather is good get out and enjoy it. 

Monday Message (18/05/20)

This week we are having a virtual picnic, make your own sandwiches, pick your favourite crisps, and fill the flask. Head out into the sun and send in pictures of you and your family having fun. 


When you come home I want you to write a set of instructions of how to make your favourite sandwich. 


Remember to send your pictures for the leavers slideshow. 



Monday Message (11/05/20)

In addition to your usual Literacy and Numeracy work, I would like you to also complete the following tasks.

1. Continue to send in pictures of the children in St Nicholas' for the leavers slideshow.

2. Create an acrostic poem about leaving school. Some ideas to write about may include LEAVERS, ST NICHOLAS', FRIENDS or MEMORIES. 

3. Draw a picture of the Harbour as part of the Happy Harbours topic. 


I am always here to help with any questions you may have about the work set and I love see the children's work. You can email me on

Monday Message (4/5/20)

During this time in school we would be starting to look at leavers and preparing to move on. It is important the children finish off their journey in St Nicholas' recapping over all the things they have experienced in school. lt would be brilliant if you could take some time this week to complete the following activities and send them to me on my email 

1) Send in pictures of your childP1 pictures are always good, school trips, sports days and pictures with their friends pictures etc. We make a leavers slideshow every year and this year will be no different.

2) Write a recount about their time in St Nicholas'. Starting in P1/when they joined right up until this year. Recapping the memories, teachers, and things they miss and are looking forward to next year in 'big school'. There are useful resource on BBC bitesize and twinkl which may help also.


Continue on with Maths and English this week from the school pack. I have also attached a link which may be off use. Ulster bank are doing money sense lessons on Facebook every Monday from 2.30pm. 



My Email


Please don't hesitate to contact me via email if you want to share your child's work or have any questions regarding the work in the packs. My email is 

Mr Mason's Monday Message (27/04/20)

Hi Primary 7, I hope you are all keeping well, I know it's frustrating we can't get out to see our friends but it's so important we continue to follow the rules to keep everyone safe. 


You should have received your new pack and I want you to try and focus on doing a piece of English and piece of Maths out of this pack everyday this week. 


Also, I want you to create you own flavour of chocolate for Charlie and the Chocolate factory. After you could even try to make it with an adult at home! 


I would love to hear what flavours you would put in your chocolate and see any attempts of you making your new flavour. You can email me


If you want to do something other than the pack I recommend BBC bitesize, they are putting up daily lessons, with celebrity teachers.


Keep an eye out for the PE challenge on Facebook. 


Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon,

Mr. Mason


Mr Mason's Monday Message (20.04.20)

Hi Primary 7, I hope you had a brilliant Easter break and are ready to get back into some routine and structure. 


On Wednesday a new home pack will be available to collect from school. This will include more Numeracy and Literacy activities to go along with the last pack. 


In the previous pack I had done enough spellings and mental maths to do until the end of the year so please continue with these. 


I would also like you to design your own room to be put into Willy Wonka's factory. 



Mr Mason

Mr Mason's Monday Message (6/4/20)

Hi, Primary 7 I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed doing your Joe Wicks workout last week. 

This week I have a few challenges for you. I would love to see how you get on with these challenges, an adult at home can email me:


1) Extreme reading challenge- get your favourite book and read it in a extreme place or position. Use your imagination but be safe.

2) Design your own book cover for Charlie and the chocolate factory. 


1) Set up a maths factor account and login every day and do one of the lesson provided.


1) I would like you to design a rainbow poster showing your support for the health care works and display it in your window at home.

2) Design a poster of how we can protect ourselves during these times.


Please stay safe and look after yourself Primary 7.


Mr Mason 


Mr Mason's Monday Message (30/03/20)

Hi, Primary 7 I hope you are keeping well. It's important we look after ourselves both physical and mentally during these difficult times. So with this in mind, I have set you a challenge. I want you to go on to Joe Wicks YouTube channel at 9am every morning and follow his 30 min workout every morning. Good luck. If 9 o'clock comes to early you can go on anytime and click on the correct video to share your pictures on the school Facebook's page. If you want to share any of your child's work with me you can email me:


We Are Vertigo Primary 7 giveaway 

We Are Vertigo are give 50 Primary 7 classes the chance to win a trip to their complex. This would be brilliant for our class. You can enter here on this link. Don't forget to go to their Facebook page also and follow the instructions on the post about primary 7 trips.

Covid-19 Online Resources  

I hope you find the pack you collected today useful during the time of closure. 

The pack includes- Numeracy, Literacy, times tables, spellings, Mental Maths, Mental English, Friday Tests, Comprehension and other subject areas. I recommend you do 1/2 pages of Numeracy and Literacy each day. 


If you aren't sure of something don't be afraid to ask any teachers you may know on school media, I'm sure they will be happy to help. A search of Google and YouTube is also handy before you take to teaching a topic you mightn't be sure on.


This page is full of free links which I will continue to update, new resources will be indicate by (ADDED DD/MM/YY). Primary Resources marked with *** provides more worksheets and PowerPoints in topics in Numeracy and Literacy for free. Twinkl have also offered every parent a free account using the code: UKTWINKLHELPS. Click on this link:, follow the instructions and you will have a endless amount of work, games, information and colouring etc.


I hope this pack will be of benefit to your child, please use it as much as you can. However stay safe and look after you and your family that is the priority during these difficult and uncertain times.

Mr Mason


​​​​​​Below is a range of games, and resources to support your child's numeracy. 

*** indicates a useful website were you can access worksheets and PowerPoints. When you go on beside each piece of work there will be a number. We would normally use 6 but this can vary. 

Maths factor

ADDED 24/3/20 great website providing free lesson for the entire school closure. Requires you to create an account, but this is just to register. 


A great website to test time tables

quick fire times tables game.


Multiples and Factors 

All games below will test knowledge on multiples and factors



Resources on sequences and patterns

*** ***


Symmetry game.

Page focusing on nets of cubes.
Series of clips on shape.Includes some clips on other topics also.

Properties of shapes


2D shapes worksheets 

/ ***


3D shapes worksheets h// ***



Information on fractions will show some information on different types of questions you might come across.

Lesson on BBC, includes fractions and other topics. Looks very interesting.

Games to consolidate quarters and eighths.

Worksheets and PowerPoints on a range of fractions

***// ***


Multiplication and Division

Multiplication games

Worksheets and PowerPoints on multiplication and Division.
*** ***


Addition  and Subtraction 

Useful game to consolidate adding and subtracting

Extra adding and subtracting resources.

*** ***



Games to help with the teaching of time.



Extra money resources 

*** ***


*** ***


Area and perimeter 

*** ***


Negative numbers 
*** ***


Problem solving/world problems

*** ***
*** ***


Data handling 

Range of data handling activities 
*** ***

Probability resources 
*** ***


Position and movement 
*** ***




General Numeracy Games 

Great resource covering all areas.

Range of maths games focus on grade 5/6.

Games and activities for varying abilities

Different games but require you to set up a free account

Cool lessons on different areas in the curriculum


​​​​​​Below is a range of games, and resources to support your child's literacy. 

*** indicates a useful website were you can access worksheets and PowerPoints. When you go on beside each piece of work there will be a number. We would normally use 6 but this can vary. 


Writing competition

ADDED 24/03/2020

The GAA have decided to run a writing competition. Take a look on the link. Some great prizes up for grabs.


​​​​​​ADDED 25/03/20 Amazon today canceled the subscription of books and audio stories for children of all ages, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories.

You will have received a username and password for this site in your pack.

BBC Bitesize look at how authors make us want to read and techniques they use.

Top marks is a great site with educational games, this link takes you to the reading games.

Great site with reading games.


Synonyms and Antonyms

Few sites that have games relating to Synonyms and Antonyms

Extra resources on Synonyms. 




There is lot of comprehension in the pack, but these sites over an interactive alternative

ADDED 20/3/20. Twinkl have endless amount of comprehensions on a range of topics. Try and find one that your child will be interested in.



Can you pick the correct contraction in this quick fire game.

Explains what a contraction is and few exercises included

Extra worksheets and PowerPoints




Great website offering differentiated spellings activities

Select the correct spelling in this quick fire game.



Differentiated activities on punctuation.

More punctuation resources available here 

*** ***


Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 

This is an unbelievable website that offers you free creative lesson plans. Not necessary to have a copy of the book. Resources and step by step guide for you too follow.



Quick fire game on nouns.

Noun Quiz, best used as a time filler at end of literacy lesson on nouns.

Extra resources on nouns.

*** ***

Quick fire game on verbs

Verb quiz, select the best verb to suit the sentence

Can you make this book more exciting? The author needs help.

Differentiated activities available here.

Extra worksheets and Powerpoints.

*** ***


Quick fire adjective game

Adjective quiz

Select adjectives that will make this story a lot better.


Quick fire adverb game.


General Literacy games 

Differentiated activities on sentence completion.

Differentiated activities on paragraph correction

Crossword activities.



Twinkl Resources 

Twinkl Offer 

Twinkl an amazing online resource full of worksheets, games, PowerPoints have offered there service free of charge for parents. Click on the link below and use the code provided.



Twinkl Home Learning Resources 

This link will take you straight to Primary 7 leveled work provided by twinkl


Twinkl Interactive Resources

Educational Apps

These links will take you to the play store, if you have an iPhone go to the app store and type in the writing in Green.

Khan Academy

Free educational books and games.


Highlights Kids 

Website which provides range of different topics and questions, compared other topics on the page.



This gives you a range of Videos and different topics that the kids may find interesting.



App testing time tables and mental maths



App providing different comprehension activities.


Spelling and Grammar

Apps covering spelling and grammar





Our topic this term is chocolate, we have been looking so far at Chocolate and Fair Trade below is a video of the impact chocolate and fair trade as on people's lives.


History of Chocolate- these slides take a look at the history of chocolate from the very start right up to the modern time.

Powerpoint on the history of Cadbury


A STEM activity, working with chocolate and melting points.


Fun facts about chocolate


Cross Curricular links- Maths 

Lesson that links chocolate to maths. Measure the area of boxes.

Lesson on percentage.


Cross Curricular- English 

Create a chewing gum like Mr Wonka. Links to WAU topic and class novel

Design your own chocolate bar. Maybe when your done design an advert for it, give it a slogan?




Some exercises that can be done inside to keep you active. 

Joe Wicks 5 Minute Moves



Another website that can be used for PE or a brain break during lessons.


National Trust

The  National have made their walks and parking free of charge. This could be a great opportunity to get a break from your work and enjoy a lovely walk 


Sporting Heroes 

Learn all about the sporting heroes that grew up here.


History of the GAA

The GAA is a massive amateur organisation based on the island of Ireland, providing games and activities for both girls and boys.



Why not take a break and teach your parent/guardian/minder how to floss?



Get the ropes out and have a go at these skipping rhymes. -belfast-skipping-songs-and-rhymes-song-lyrics





Videos about the transition for Primary to Secondary. Due to sensitive nature I'd advise you watch these before sharing with your child.


Growth Mindset 

In class this year we have work on having a growth mindset. Below is a set of videos of how you can encourage a growth mindset.

General PDMU

Activity where you can talk with your child how they like to be treated and this is how they should treat everyone else.

Look at who your child has around them to support them in their transition to secondary school. Also important at thie minute as they live through the Coronavirus pandemic.

How can we make people happy with their actions and words.

Importance of washing your hands

 Great video showing how washing your hands is so important. You could try this at home. Great visual for children.


Mr Mason had a new game for us today in PE. We all loved playing human air hockey. 

Story of Saint Patrick 

Today we heard from Fr McCloskey who told us all about the works of St Patrick in Ireland. 

Friendship Art

Today in art we were busy making bracelets and necklaces for our friends. 



We had great fun today in PE with Heather. We played some fun football matches and practiced our dribbling skills. 

Tin Whistle 

Mr Burns came into class today and we were practicing some Irish songs in preparation for St Patrick's Day. 

Art Project 

We restarted our art project after a few weeks break. We had great fun designing and creating our flowers. 


We always love going down to our Primary 1 buddies. Today we were helping them paint, build and dress up. 

Pancake Tuesday 

We enjoyed pancakes today in class to celebrate the last day before lent begins. Mr Mason said he made them from scratch, but we aren't so sure. 


​​​​​​We had a wonderful day at our confirmation. Thank you to everyone that turned up, our sponsors, the choir and Fr Murray for confirming us. 

IFA coaching continues 

We practiced our dribbling skills with Heather today. 


We played a game of battleships today in Numeracy to help us with Co Ordinates. 


We attended the Beesafe event at the Ballymote Centre today. We listen to the PSNI, Fire Service, Mourne Mountain Rescue and Home Safety. They were giving us information of how to be safe in different environments. 

Entrepreneur Market 

Our entrepreneur market was a huge success again this year. The children have put in so much effort and the range of products on sale was amazing. Alan Sugar may have some new apprentices on his hands. 

Confirmation Retreat 

We had a fantastic day on retreat today preparing for confirmation next week. We talked about the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit, sang songs and played some games. The day finished with a lovely service in the chapel. Thank you to the retreat team (Aisling, Paula, Orla and Conor) and to Fr McCluskey for organising this wonderful day. 

Entrepreneur Market Preparation

The class have been busy getting ready for the entrepreneur market on Friday. Come along and enjoy some of the treats and items that will be on sale in the hall. They are all hoping to make a big profit. 

Art Transition Week 4

Today we finished off out Stain Glass windows. Looking forward to starting another new project next week. 

PE with Heather 

We worked on our aiming and throwing skills this week in PE. The angry birds challenge was great fun. 

Art transition programme

​​​​​​Week 3 of the programme seen us finish our self portraits and start the stain glass window project which we are looking forward to completing over the next few weeks. 

Indoor Football

We went along to De La Salle today to take part in the 5 aside indoor competition. They completed very well and enjoyed their day out. 

Sponsor letters 

We took advantage of the lovely weather today and went to the Post Office to send a letter containing important information to our confirmation sponsor. We managed to get a treat from the Super Shop when we were there. 

IFA coaching 

This term we are very lucky to have Heather from the IFA in taking us for PE on a Tuesday. Today we worked on catching and throwing skills. 


Fr Murray Visits P7

Primary 7 had a very special visitor today as Fr John Murray who will be confirming us in February came in to meet the class to discuss the sacrament of confirmation and see how we are getting along with our preparation. 

Blackwater Taster Day- Technology

We attended Blackwater for the last time today and designed a car model. We had to draw our design, cut it out and smooth it using sandpaper.

Getting ready for Confirmation

We our busy getting ready for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We have been learning the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Our display shows the names we have picked as our confirmation names. 

Art Programme- Week 2

We had our second week of the art transition programme. We finished our self portraits and made a frame with everything we will miss about primary school around it.

Landmarks Display 

We have now finished our WAU topic 'Landmarks'. They are on display outside our room. 


Famous Entrepreneurs 

We have started our new topic for this term 'Young Entrepreneurs' which will finish with an exciting entrepreneur fair. Today we researched famous entrepreneurs, we will produce a report which is our genre of writing for February and March. 

Blackwater Taster Day- H.E

Today we got the chance to bake some scones in Blackwater. We had to mix and cut the dough. They were delicious. Cleaning up after wasn't so nice though. 


Today we completed some problem solving activities. 

We also had a practical lesson today on Venn diagrams. We sorted out different types of information.

Art Transition Programme 

Over the next month or so we will be working on a art programme with Fionnuala focusing on the transition to 'big' school. We look forward to the weeks ahead and completing our project.

Blackwater Taster Day- Science 

Today we completed chemical reactions experiments. We had great fun working with the Bunsen burners.

Live Crib 

We went to Belfast today and seen the live crib. We sang a carols while we were there. 

Landmarks Project

Our landmarks projects have started to arrive in school, I'm sure you will agree we have done a great job recreating mainly local landmarks. 

Panto Visit

We had a great time going to watch the Panto in the Down Arts Centre. 

Christams Art 

We got into the festive spirit this week and created some snow globes for our Christmas display.

Eco Workshop

We used our old cereal boxes to create pencil cases. 

Road Safety Poster Competition 

​​Massive well done to Rhys and Lucy. Their posters were selected by local councilors today to feature on a banner outside our school promoting road safety. Keep an eye out for the banner. 

Movement Breaks 

With play practice in full flow, we have had to get creative to fit in our PE lessons. We have been doing this with movement breaks in class, using 'Joe Wicks 5 minute move workouts.' 

Elfie Game Is Strong In P7

​​​​We got to use the Elfie door for the first time today. It was great fun. 

Landmarks on Minecraft 

Today we were tasked with creating our own landmarks or recreating a famous landmark on Minecraft.  

Christmas Ready for P7 

We unveiled our entry for the Christmas Door competition today. We think we have the winner already. 

Lunch time reward winners 

This week we won the points at break time and lunch time for being well behaved in the line and earned ourselves extra play.

Road Safety Talk 

Today the Police were in school to remind us about the importance of staying safe on the road.

PE Athletics- Jumping 

Today in PE we continued our preparation for the sports hall championship. We focused on the long jump.

Landmarks Displays 

Our landmark displays around the classroom are coming on well. We will be adding more to it throughout the term as we learn more about our topic.

European Landmarks 

Today we were looking at some landmarks around Europe

Instructional Writing 

We were looking at the features of an instructional writing piece today and tried to put some instructions in order for our task. 

Irish Landmarks 

Today we started our New WAU topic landmarks around the world. We focused on Ireland in the lesson and seen many landmarks from across the country. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more landmarks and our projects we will be creating. 

Eco Schools- Recycling 

We had a visit today from Lucinda from Newry, Mourne and Down District Council, who talked to us about the importance of using the correct bins for our rubbish and the process it goes through after we put it in our bins.


For the next 6 weeks Paula from Athletics NI will be coaching us as we prepare to take part in the sports hall regional heats. Today we worked on our sprinting. 

Tower Blocks 

We were back doing problem solving today. We had to use two colours of cubes to build 3 storey high apartments that were totally different. 

Continents of the world

Today we started our landmark topic in WAU but before we look at the famous buildings and tourist attractions around the world we got to understand the continents of the world were they are located. 

Halloween fun 

We had fun dressing up for our Halloween party and disco we had in School. We got to use the quiver app. We carved out our pumpkin, held the iPad over it and it popped up on the screen as a 3D image. 

Halloween safety talk 

Paul and Lisa from the PSNI warned us today about the dangers that surround Halloween including the use of fireworks and being careful when trick or treating. They told us  to have fun and enjoy Halloween but in a sensible way were we won't get hurt or in any trouble. 

Famine PowerPoint 

We started to prepare our PowerPoint on the Great Famine this morning. We added in some facts, causes and effects of the famine and the places the Irish people could go as a result of the famine. 

Action Cancer Workshops

During the last few days Amy from Action Cancer has been in talking to our class about keeping healthy.

On Monday we looked at the how smoking and alcohol can damage our bodies.

Today we looked at healthy eating and the amount of sugar in our food. 


Learning Together Afternoon

Today we welcomed our parents and guardians into class. We looked at different types of potato we eat and people in Ireland may of had before the famine came. We then had a taste test of our own potatoes, found out our favourite and produced a graph. Thank you to the parents that came and the dinner ladies for providing the food.  


Got a problem? We will solve it 

Today we took part in a series of problem solving activities. In our maths lesson we used a series of clues to complete the unfinished table. Then Mr Burns showed us the problem solving board outside his office, and showed us a few of his problem solving games. It was great fun we even beat Mr. Mason. 

3D nets 

Today the class continued to investigate 3D shapes, today we looked at nets at tried to make our own. 

Some tried to use 3D shapes to reach the roof.

Basketball Fun πŸ€

We tried some basketball today. We dribbled and practiced the chest pass. We then played a game of protect the hula hoop. 


3D Shape 

Today we investigated the properties of 3D shapes. We looked at the amount of faces, vertices and edges some 3D shapes had. We then played a game where we placed a shape in a bag and the class had to try and guess what shape it was by asking questions. 

Problem Solving Fun 

Today we got to work out the staffs favourite bar of chocolate. We had great fun collecting the information and produced our data in a bar chart. 


October is Mission Month 

In October we will be looking at the missions as part of mission month. Today we learnt about St Therese who is the patron saint of the missions. 

The Book Fair Rolls into Town

Today we got the chance to take a quick look at the book fair. We will have the chance to start purchasing books from the fair tomorrow until next Tuesday. 

Canon Eslar 

The team just missed out on the semi finals on goal difference after 3 tight games in Kilcoo. Massive well done to the boys and girls on getting to this stage of a very competitive competition. 


Today we played our favourite math warm up game. 21. Parents it's easy to play. Try it at home. 

My hero 

Today we researched our hero. In the next few weeks we will be writing about our hero as part of our creative writing topic. 


We had great fun with our buddies today, helping them paint, play on the iPads and colour in.

We are through 

Big well done to the boys and girls who progressed to the next round of the Canon Eslar tournament. They played a series of games in Carryduff GAC today and had great fun. 

Skip-A-thon ready

We are ready for our Skip-a-Thon tomorrow. We got some last minute practice in today. Remember sponsor sheets due back into tomorrow. All money goes towards the PTA. 

We are officially buddies 

Today we got to meet our new P1 buddies for the first time, and we can't wait to spend more time with them and look out for them throughout their first year in our school. Today we got to know our buddies a little better by chatting with them while playing. 

Walking Debate 

We had a brilliant 'walking debate' in World Around us today. Mr Mason read out statements about our topic 'Famine Past and Present.' We then had to go to the agree or disagree side of the room and give our opinions on why we agreed or disagreed with the statement. We had to respect everyone's opinion and be able to put our point across in a clear, concise manner. 

Nouns, Nouns, Nouns 

In literacy today we finished off our noun work by sorting a list of words into collective, proper, concrete and abstract nouns. 


In PE in the first week we have been working hard on team games that encourage team work and communication.



Words can hurt!!! 

Today in Religion we were learning that words can he used to hurt and to heal. The lesson included a PDMU activity. We had to write a hurtful word on our page​​​​​, make a paper ball and then flatten the page and repeat. We had to try and get our page back to looking brand new. We realised quickly we couldn't and that if we use hurtful words it effects people and we can never take them back.

PE fun 

​​​​​​We had our first PE lesson today and it was great fun. Remember PE gear every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Welcome Back 

On a busy first day we discussed and created our class rules together as well as having a good discussion on what we are looking forward to in P7 and what we were nervous about.