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Welcome to the P6 page for 2021/2022! 

To see our class photos, examples of amazing work or to check on our learning journeys; simply click the link below to see our class blog.



______Class of 2019/2020 below______




Welcome to the P6 page for 2020/2021! To see our class photos, examples of amazing work or to check on our learning journeys; simply click the link below to see our class blog.


If you would like to send me pictures of progress in your homework, or have questions about , Google Classroom or about school work in general, don't hesitate to email me at:






_____Class of 2019/2020 below_____










Monday Morning Update - The final update - 29/06/20

Dear P6,


It's been a strange end to a wonderful year, I only wish we could have spent more time together and pushed our progress even further! I of course will still be around next year, just not as your teacher as you move forward to P7.


For yourself and parents: to keep sharp and build real progress over the summer break, Mr. Burns was able to secure a free account for Details on how to login are found in the letter below this post. If you need a login, just email me at:


I would highly recommend spending some time everyday on this app/website, it contains everything you need to catch-up and I can view/monitor any progress.


Chao for now!


- Mr. Sweeney

Primary 6 Summer Revision Resources and Maths Mastery Info Letter - Request unique username and password by emailing or

Use the below image to access SeeSaw if you have lost your login. You will need to scan this QR code with the device you intend to use.


Monday Morning Update 22/06/20

Friendly reminder: I can be emailed at

The Reading Agency and Libraries have announced their 2020 Reading Challenge! 


It will be run through a safe online platform which allows for exciting interactive reading experiences, including eBooks and audiobooks. There will be online activities, videos, quizzes, games and rewards to unlock along the way. Every child who completes their own Challenge will receive a downloadable certificate. 


When creating an account, select Libraries NI as your local Library authority! 

Monday Morning Message 15/06/20

These personalised 1/4 zips come with your very own initials printed on and can be bought via the link below (just click the image). They can be worn every day, not just PE days! 
First orders will be sent away on Friday 6th July 2020.


For this week's topic task, I would like you to create an Ancient Greece key events timeline. You can create one using your own research on Google, or last weeks link:


Below is an example timeline you can work from:


Good luck!


Monday Morning Message 08/06/2020

Hello all! I hope you are all working well, don't forget to login to SeeSaw using the link above and to check previous work ideas posted below.


This week I want you to read and record key facts from this Ancient Greek Fact File:


Using this fact file I want you to write facts you have found, then on SeeSaw, record your facts vocally over a photo of some of your Greek art work.


Good Luck!


Monday Morning Update 01/06/20

Hello all. This Friday would have been our Sports Day and we would like you to take part in our Virtual Sports Day!  There are four races for you to enjoy with everyone at home;



Potato and Spoon

Socks on Head Race

Obstacle Course


Take lots of photos and videos and send them via SeeSaw or email! 


Remember to keep working through your Home Learning pack and keep up the super reading!


Any questions or photos, don't hesitate to email me at


Monday Morning Update 25/05/20

New revision packs and end of year assessments are available to pick up from the school at 12pm today

(Monday 25th May)

Hello all, isn't time flying? Below are some tasks for this week that will help to support your learning and lesson packs.


Below is a link to extra maths support from White Rose Maths, it has extra worksheets, teaching videos, answers and online work. I highly recommend it as a way to catch up on missed learning due to school absence!


For our Greeks topic, check out this brilliant article for kids on Greek War:



Finally, for an interesting Greek project idea this week, have a go at making some Greek Mosaic art. All you need is coloured paper, scissors, glue and lots of patience.


Monday Morning Update 18/05/20

As a school, this week we are having a virtual family picnic! Make sure to take time out of your busy schedule, have a picnic, and send any photos to our class email:



For an interesting activity this week, I want you to code your very own hamburger using HTML code! Simply follow the link below (preferably on tablet or computer). Click on the word ingredients in the top left area, then click show - next to the code.

After that, just go crazy exploring how strange you can make your sandwich.!/alabaster-brawny-ocean?path=ingredients.css%3A18%3A13


Monday Morning Update: 11/05/20

This week I would like to have more fun with Greek Mythology. Watch the Myth of Hercules and the 12 labours below:


Using this video as inspiration, use Scratch Jr to retell the story, or make your own hero completing his very own labours.


Remember to upload your work to SeeSaw, as a video or you can screenshot your code.


This month's spellings can be downloaded below:



Monday Morning Update: 04/05/20


Hello all and hope you are coping well!


Remember to work hard at your homework packs, extra work, ideas and challenges can be found below in previous updates on our class page.


Let's have some fun this week with everyone's favourite: Kahoot!



On your internet browser or using the Kahoot app, copy and paste the following link:


or by going to or the Kahoot app, you can enter the following pin code:



This quiz will be active until this Friday 3pm, you will be competing against your peers for the best score, good luck!

- Mr. Sweeney


Monday Morning update 27/04/20
Hello all,

Hoping you are all safe and well. I can always be reached by email or the class Seesaw page with any concerns.

If you haven't already, check out Bug Club for free reading books, login details are provided with your first pack.

Watch this link below, the life of a Greek citizen:


Using this link for inspiration, write a diary entry from the perspective of a man, woman, child, soldier or leader.
Think about the war, plague, debate or the rebellion. How does it affect your day?


Remember to post this or any previous work you are proud of to Seesaw!

- Mr. Sweeney


Monday Morning Update 20/04/20

Hello all, hope you had a lovely Easter Break.


This Wednesday 22/04/20, your new home work packs will be printed and ready to pick up from school, so expect a message from the school for further details on that.


This week I would like to see you using your programming and storytelling skills with ScratchJr! (It's free on any phone or tablet.)


Using ScratchJr retell a Greek Myth, for example the very scary opening of Pandora's box! You can use the Greek Myth videos that I posted the last week, or your own Greek Myths that you may have created for your extra task. Make sure to post your work onto SeeSaw.


Remember, if you need extra Maths and Literacy resources, I have posted lots of links below. If you are stuck or have any questions you can email me at:


Monday Morning Update 06/04/20

Hello friends! I hope we you are working hard and keeping sane wink


Below I have some fun and challenging activities that you should try throughout the week. They are literacy, numeracy and some fun WAU/ICT:


Numeracy:     -  Tough week by week questions, instructions and with answers to mark them! If too easy/difficult just go to year 4 or year 6 !



Check out these Greek Myths below

At home I would like you to download scratch jr, or use online, and retell part or a whole greek myth through code!

Here's a tutorial:




For Literacy I want you to watch the above videos and write your own Greek Myth! It can be completely unique, a prequel or sequel story, or an interesting spin on an existing Greek Myth!

Remember, can you extend your sentences using commas and sub clauses, and take new lines for speech.


Finally, please remember to upload any work you're proud of to SeeSaw, especially your Scratch work and check SeeSaw regularly for updates.


30/03/20 Monday Morning Update


Hello all, hope you are working hard through your home learning packs and are alive and well.

Make sure you have downloaded and keeping checking the SeeSaw updates for our class! Every pupil should have a SeeSaw login code in their home resource pack.

If you can't access SeeSaw or don't have a login you can email me here:

This week I would like to see research on the Greeks posted onto SeeSaw in any format that you like! In addition, this month's spelling lists can be found below this post.


- Mr. Sweeney




Spellings for the month of April - Make sure you download and practice the spellings for your group!


Below is a list of links of games and resources than can be continuously worked on from home. This collection is a work in progress, and will be updated as the school year progresses.



Written methods of Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and division:


>Recognising Fractions

>Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. We have not yet covered dividing fractions in the curriculum.


Mental Maths


Word Problems




>In the link below, the comprehensions are in alphabetical order but are graded in difficulty from 1 to 6. On average a P6 pupil should be able to work at grade 3/4 or above in excelling work.


>Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Adverbs



Transfer Papers

>Below is a google drive link of regularly updated transfer papers. Typically pupils interested in transfer should work towards completing two a week. Either on paper and working off a digital copy on their tablet, or if resources allow on a printed test.


We have moved! Check out Year 6's learning journey on our new SeeSaw blog. Pupils submit their own work into their portfolios for peer review, praise and feedback. All our updates can be found in the link below:

Mr Sweeney’s After School Coding Club has been enjoyed by our Key Stage 2 pupils who have been up-skilled in Computer Programming while making use of our iPads and Computer Suite. 👩‍💻 👨‍💻 💻

Year 6 had a magical time at our Christmas Nativity play. Big congratulations to Aodhan who did a powerful performance as Herod!

Year 6 are using a combination of Google Maps and Google expedition to investigate the European Alps.

It's brilliant opportunity to see and explore them for themselves - no flying required!

We had a brilliant time watching a very unique and funny Christmas story at the Down Arts Centre. We felt bad for the front row getting wet angel

Here's a classroom favourite! Year 6 used Minecraft to work out perimeter and area word problems, building blocks to make the correct sizes.

Have a look at our wonderful coding on! In this challenge P6 had to code the squirrel to make the correct movements to find his food!

Year 6 have been learning about mm, cm, m and km. We have been making measurements of everything we can find in the school and calculating our walking speed per km.

In our winter term, we are working towards creating instructional texts. Year 6 had great fun writing instructions on how to draw a car, the catch is that we didn't tell Mr.Burns what he was drawing! The better the instructions, the closer to a car it should look. Check out some of our "cars" and pictures below:

In groups we have been working on our problem solving. Together we are working on a murder mystery, every week our Mathematics challenges gives us a clue and narrows down our suspects! This week we are using coordinates to find the hidden code.

Happy Halloween! Year 6 enjoyed dressing up, eating sweets, and partying at the school Halloween disco.

Year 6 enjoyed being taken out for lessons on the dangers of smoking and drinking, as well as lessons on the benefits of diet and exercise.

Year 6 has enjoyed moving on to our new topic: The Alps! A big thank to all parents that came in for our learning together afternoon to support our learning.

Year 6 had a relaxing time outside looking for inspiration for their poetry in the clouds!

Year 6 were very excited to use QR codes to research the Grand Canyon, then added their facts they had learned to Padlet.

A big thank you to Mr. Burns who came in to take the class for some Halloween themed problem solving.

Year 6 was very lucky to get some sun today in the Eco Garden! We took photos using our Ipads, then used them as a reference for our garden themed Observational Poetry. smiley

Every pupil getting involved in the Walk of Life Art Feis Competition

This week we have been working on our coding and problem solving skills, using angry birds as a way to program coordinates and movement!


A great start to the term with some work on punctuation and dialogue!