St Nicholas' Primary School


Miss McCann/ Miss Curran’s Primary 3 class

❄️❄️❄️Mr Freeze❄️❄️❄️

This week we met Mr Freeze, the evil Super Villian! P.3 were tasked with finding the quickest way of melting and defeating the evil villian! They used vinegar, salt, their hands and their breath! They predicted that vinegar would work quickest and they were totally right! They loved experimenting, predicting and discussing their findings! Scientists in the making! 👩🏼‍🔬👨🏽‍🔬

🌿🌿 Planting Update🌱🌱 

This week we checked in on our potatoe plants which have taken very well in our Eco Garden! To accompany our potatoes we added some peas and red onions! P.3 are a gardeners in the making!

🍋🍊🍓Fruit and Veg talk🍏🍎🍐

Today we headed to the Eurospar to have a talk from Matthew and Fiona at Eurospar! 

We discussed all the different fruits and vegetables the shop has on offer and where they came from! 

Thank you to Fiona and Matthew for all our delicious free fruit! 

Thank you to Michael Devlin the butcher who is having a sausage design contest for our class! The winner will win there own height in sausages! 

🐞🐸🐣 Spring has Sprung! 🌈🐛🌷

We had so much fun in the Eco Garden this afternoon! We have been so excited to get outside and today the weather has finally allowed for it! We had lots of fun exploring and playing outside! We can’t wait to plant some veggies (carrots 🥕, onions, potatoes 🥔, and aubergines 🍆) 

Mr Archer has helped us prepare our seeds to get ready to plant! 

🥤🥤🥤Fizzy Drinks 🥤🥤🥤

As part of our work on healthy eating, we looked at fizzy drinks and how much sugar we consume when we drink some juice! We used Mr Mason and P7’s great display as a visual and we’re all so shocked by some of the results!

Our First Penance 


Today, P.3 celebrated the Sacrament of First Penance. The children were all amazing! They have been working so hard to prepare for this special occasion. Their behaviour, praying and singing all added to the very special occassion! Miss Curran, Mr Archer and Miss Hart are all so proud of you!

📚📚 Happy World Book Day 📚📚

Happy World Book Day from all of P.3! We had fun designing our own potato characters, making our own book marks and watching some of our Julia Donaldson favourites! 

🖌🖍Model Making🖌🖍

P.3 had great fun making models of different sea creatures this week! We are so creative and artistic in this class! We have lots of potential animators in this class! 👩‍🎨 

🐠🐙🐟🦐Our Trip to Exploris 🦀🦞🐢🐳

We had so much fun at Exploris in Portaferry today! We had the opportunity to meet lots of sea life from around the world, including a shark, a family of otters and a sleepy little seal called Doris! 

We had an amazing day and we are all ready for our week off now!

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣th Day of School! 

What a busy Friday! We celebrated our 100th day of school, we are 100 days smarter! To celebrate we played some games and had a few sweet treats too! We also had our special school assembly! Primary 3 were amazing and Miss Curran and Mr Archer are so proud! 

Well done P3 🎉🎊

🏦Entrepreneur Week 🏦

P.3 had a busy day on Wednesday with two visitors to our class! Firstly, we had Mrs Bronagh Teggert from the First Trust Bank who came in and told us all about keeping our money safe and her role working in the bank! Next, Jenna from Just Dance- The Jenna Finnegan Dance Company, came to our class to tell us all about her business and we even had time for a little dance! A HUGE thank you to our two visitors! 

🐟🐠🐡 Printing Fun 🐳🦀🦞


P.3 has great fun today making their own wrapping paper! We used repeated patterns to make our own cool fish designs! We used paint and sponges to create a great effect and can’t wait to wrap a little gift in it for loved ones in a few weeks time! 🥰


Well Done to Zach, who alongside Lola, Molly and Odhran, won player of the day at ActiSport this week! Well done Zach! Keep up the good work!

Cancer Focus Visit 

On Wednesday, we had a visit from the lovely people at Cancer Focus! 

They taught us all about being healthy through Fit Faye! She taught us about our heart rate and how exercising can help our hearts, bones, minds and muscles! 

🎊🎉🎊🎉  Winter Term Awards🎉🎊🎉🎊 

Today, Miss Curran presenter awards to children who had been very successful in their weekly tests and who had made big improvements in their reading! 

Well done to ALL the boys and girls for their hard work this term!  

Mental Maths Award- Katie and Matthew Bl 

Spelling Award- Harry, Ryan, Catherine, Charlotte and Capriani

Reading Award- Nathan and Eduard 

📏📏📏 Introducing the metre 📏📏📏 

On Friday, the class were introduced to the one metre measurement. We split into teams to try and find different things that measured exactly one metre! This was very difficult but we did manage to find a few! The children loved working in teams and came up with very creative Christmas themed team names! 

🏐🥅🏉🎱Amazing Acti Sport 🏐🥅🏉🎱 

Well done to Katie and Harry Mc who won star players this afternoon at Acti Sport! These two love sport, especially football ⚽️ and dancing 💃🏼 

🔵🔴⚫️⚪️ Play Dough Fractions 🔵🔴⚫️⚪️

We had great fun today using play dough to help us learn about halving numbers! The kids really enjoyed this hands on approach 😊

🎚🎙📻 Q Radio Visit 🎚🎙📻

Primary 3 really enjoyed getting on the Q Radio bus today when it visited the school! They had great fun having a little look round the bus, maybe we’ll have a future radio star or pop star in our class! 🌟⭐️💫

🎖🏅 More Acti Sport Excellence🎖🏅

Another great week for sport in P.3! Well done to Chloe who won the player of the week alongside Ethan H. from P.2! Well done you two and keep working hard with all the skills you learn at Acti Sport! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

⚽️🏀🏈🎾Acti-Sport Winners⚽️🏀🏈🎾

Well done to Ella and Nathan, who won Players of the Week at Acti-Sport after schools, alongside James and Sophie from P.2! Keep up the good work guys! 😊


Primary 3 had a very special delievery today! Meet ‘Sprinkles the Elf!’

Sprinkles will be visiting our class in the run up to Christmas! 

He has informed Miss Curran and Mr Archer that he will be looking out for boys and girls to join the nice list! 

Hes looking for: 

-Good manners 

-Hard Work 


-Quiet boys and girls 

     🎵🎶🎵The Music Man🎵🎶🎵

Well done Harry! Harry received the music award for excellent piano skills today! This is the second time this year, and it’s only November! Well done Harry! 👍🏻

⬇️⬆️⬅️➡️ Directions ➡️⬇️⬆️⬅️

Today we were learning all about directions. We were working hard to direct the bee-bot to different parts of the town map! We had to use positional language and tell the class how many steps we needed to take! 

The whole class is working hard to tell their left from their right! (We are using our two hands to help- making L shapes- to tell the difference!) 

📦 Junk Modelling Fun 📦

Today we had great fun using lots of 3D shapes to make some junk art pieces! We discussed the different 3D shapes we knew and which shapes we used to create our art! 

We made all sorts of gadgets, from rockets, to pirate ships and food containers! 

We are going on a 3D shape hunt! 

Today we went on a 3D shape hunt around school! We had great fun looking for various different 3D shapes! 

We were looking out for: 

Cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres, cones and prisms! 

👽🦇Happy Halloween 👻🎃

A very Happy Halloween to all the boys and girls in Primary 3! We had lots of fun today including our photo booth, lots of sweeties, watching Hocus Pocus, making cards, parading, and dancing! 

Miss Curran and Mr Archer would like to wish all the boys and girls in Primary 3 a very happy and safe Halloween break and we will see you soon for lots of fun and learning! 

Super Spellers and Magical Mathematicians 

Prizes were presented today to the boys and girls with the best spelling and mental math results so far this term!

A huge WELL DONE to 

Ella and Xavier who have gotten every mental math test question correct this year


Matthew, Catherine and Capriani who have only got one spelling wrong each so far this year 

I am so proud of all the boys and girls in primary three for trying so hard in their spellings and hope to give out lots of great prizes and certificates next term!

Halloween Cookery

We had lots of great fun making halloween treats this week! On Tuesday, we made eye ball top hats and on Wednesday we had fun making sticky marshmallow pumpkins!


Here are some of the ingredients if you would like to try these at home: 


Eye Ball Top Hats                                             Pumpkin buns 

*Marshmallows                                                                               * Rice Krispies 

*White Chocolate                                                                           * Chocolate

*Red food colouring                                                                       * Marshmallows  

*Smarties                                                                                      * Orange food colouring 

                                                                                                      * Butter 

🎆🎇Fabulous Fireworks 🎆🎇

We had great fun creating our firework display inspired art in preparation for Halloween! We also discussed how to stay safe at Halloween including firework safety!

✨More Measuring Magic ✨

We had a lot of fun today measuring our everyday classroom items! We discussed how to ‘estimate’ and make sensible estimations. We used cubes to measure items such as glue, books, scissors, rubbers and pencils! 📚✏️✂️

Measuring Our School


We had great fun this week measuring different parts of our school! We used our hands, feet and even our bodies to measure different parts of the classroom and the school! We discussed concepts such as size, difference, taller and smaller! smiley

Baby Shark Number Bonds 

As well as celebrating Spanish Day on Friday, Primary 3 enjoyed working on number bonds to 10 using the baby shark song! 

We had lots of singing and dancing along to the song! 

Feel free to try this at home (if you're not too sick of the song already surprise...)


This is an example you could use at home...

10+ 0 doo doo doo doo doo doo, 

10 + 0 doo doo doo doo doo doo

10 +0!



P3 has Dancing Queens...and a Dancing King!

We are so proud of our brilliant dancers who took part in a competition in Coalisland recently! Well done to Chloe, Gabbie, Katie and Ryan!

smileyHarry and the Dinosaurs go to Schoolsmiley

This week we read about Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaurs going to school! The children then discussed and wrote all about what they would love to bring to school in the bucket load! We had everything from chocolate, to money and footballs! 

Primary 3 had a great time using our new Numicon!

Today we had a chance to use our new Numicon set for numeracy.

We used it to help our adding to 20! We worked super hard and Miss Curran said it won't be long before we can add really big numbers! Well done Primary 3!

Welcome to Miss McCann's P3 Class

Off to a great start in Primary 3! no
Enjoying an ice cream on the way back to school 😋
Having fun on our 'NO SCHOOL RULES' day! 
Well done on all the Superhero puppets in Primary 3! Such a great job! 
Congratulations to Roisin and Charlie- our 'maths magicians' of the term! Great job! 
Well done to Liam and Ben- this terms 'super spelling' winners! Keep up the great work! 


We had a great afternoon in P3 making smoothies as part of our 'Superheroes'  topic. 

Well done to all the children with their 'healthy eating' posters! Such a great effort from everyone- great job!!!👍👍👍
Well done to Niamh, Miley and Erin- winners of our superhero vehicle design competition! 

Well done to Shane, Anna and Miley-Rose for winning our creative writing award for their excellent superhero poems! 

Lots of fun in our activity based learning- with paints, watercolours, bee-bots and building! 

Off to a great start in our new Superhero topic! 

Busy learning our split digraph sounds! 

Mental maths

We have been using number cards to form different types of numbers using our mathematical vocabulary...odd, even, greater than, less than, hundreds, tens, units, total, difference.

Phonics fun! 


In P3 we have been revising all our sounds through different games and activities.

Making halves and quarters ...with sweets!!! 😋

In P3 we have looking at different materials! We conducted an experiment to find out which material was the most waterproof.

P3 Easter Egg Hunt! 👀

Big congrats to Anna and Mollie- our Maths Magicians for the term! 👍👍👍

Great job to Ava, Niamh and Jake- this terms spelling wizards!
Well done to all our Easter Raffle winners! Thank you for all your generous donations! 
Making Easter buns!😋

P3 had a great time on our cinema visit to the Odyssey to see 'Peter Rabbit'!

Measuring in P3! 

We have been using scales to weigh different objects and make comparisons. 

PE fun with our coach! 

Crafty kids in p3!
Well done to Caitlyn! Winner of our P3 dress up competition for World Book Day! 
P3 keeping busy in our Activity Based Learning! 
Celebrating 100 days of school! 
Under the Sea!
Christmas Fun!
P3 Halloween Fun and Frights!
Congratulations Charlie- winner of our P3 Spelling certificate- keep up all the great work!

Congratulations Shane- this terms 'Maths Magician'!

Great scores on our weekly maths tests and fantastic mental maths work in class.

Well done to Jake, Ava and Mollie- the winners of our P3 Halloween poetry competition!

We used some great adjectives in our poems!

P3 had some visitors today- we invited some family members in to talk about schools in the past!

Thank you for sharing your experiences with the children. It was very interesting to find out how different schools were years ago.


P3 made some delicious pizza today!

We added our own choice of toppings to make a yummy pizza!

Then we created a set of instructions on 'How to make a pizza'!

Busy week in Primary 3!

Fitness Fun in Primary 3!

P3 have been learning all about 2D shapes!

P3 Fun in P.E!


Off to a great start in Primary 3! smiley  no  smiley
Jake made a lego version of himself!