St Nicholas' Primary School


​​​​​​Leavers lunch 

Today the class enjoyed their leavers lunch today. Thank you to the kitchen for putting on a brillaint turkey and ham dinner and delicious desserts. The class really enjoyed it.

​​Tshirts signing 

The class marked their second last day by signing their T-shirts. 


Cycling Proficiency 

​​​​​​Primary 7 were awarded with their Cycling Proficiency certificates.

Leavers treat

The class today went to the shop to spend their coppers and fives money that they raised earlier in the year. We enjoyed the good weather by stopping in the community garden on the way home.

Harbour Visit

As part of our World Around Us topic 'Happy Harbours' we had the brilliant opportunity to visit the harbour this afternoon. We got a guided tour from Ardglass Harbour Master James who also took time to answer the children's questions. We visited the ice plant, chandler and the fishermans mission. The touch tank stole the show and the children enjoyed playing and handling the sea creatures. Thank you to John for organising this. We would also like to thank Kevin and Rosemary from NIFHA for continuing to run the happy harbours programmes and organising the visit today. 

Community Garden pots 

Today we went and painted the newly installed flower pots in the community garden. It was messy work but the class had great fun. The pots will be finished in the next few days. Thanks to Miss Holland for all her help even Mr Burns got stuck in. 

Day 3

The class got packed up this morning and were ready for their final set of activities. We got to scale the rock wall, climb the crates and play team games. WE SET A NEW CENTRE RECORD FOR THE AMONUNT OF CRATES STACKED WITHOUT FALLING.

Day 2

Today the class took part in archary and water sports. We had great fun on the banana boat and jumping in off the pier! The night activity was a walk up fiddlers green in kilbroney forest. The view is normally amazing however the weather wasn't on our side.

Residential Day 1

We left this morning for our residential at East Coast Adventure. We had a afternoon of bouldering and a blindfolded walk. More pictures on the school Facebook page. 

Daily Mile Presentation

Each class generously received footballs each from Sean Daly today, to help us in our daily Mile initiative and keeping everyone in school active 

Safety at the Harbour

The class were learning about all the signs and their meanings that we will encounter when we visit the harbour in a couple of weeks. 

Class of 2019 Banner

We had great fun today painting our banner and putting our hand prints around it. It will be on display during leavers assembly. 


Community Garden Project 

We have been tasked with decorating the new flower pots in the community garden. The class went down to visit the garden and started to sketch their designs when we got back to class. 

L. J lines out for Down

Well done to L.J who played for the Down schools team at half time of the Down Armagh Ulster championship game. Well done L.J 

Leavers preparation 

Parents we need your help for our leavers slideshow. If you have any pictures of your child and their friends at school events (P1 picture, communion, confirmation, sports days, trips and dress up days etc). Also any pictures you have outside of school events that you'd like to share they would be welcome as well. 

Happy harbours 

Rosemary Scott from NIFHA came into to tell the class all about the happy harbours topic and what the class can look forward to doing over the next few weeks. 


We created our own airplanes today and turned the corridor into are very own runway. The children had to estimate and measure how far their plane went.

New member in P7

Jody Lynn was very excited to show the class her new puppy Chase. 


P1 Buddies 

P7 loved having their Buddies back in our class today. 

Go Noodle fun in primary 7

The poor weather on Tuesday meant we had to stay inside during our PE time. The class however loved the Go Noodle workouts that we were able to do in our classroom. 

Happy harbours 

Today we started our new WAU topic for term 'Happy Harbours.' This is a very exciting topic and is ran in conjuction with the Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority. The class will learn all about the harbour in Ardglass, some of the jobs people have at the harbour and how to stay safe when around the harbour in Ardglass. The class will have the opportunity to take part in an art competition and visit the harbour and get a tour from the harbour master. 

Eco Bus 

Massive thanks to Noel from Arc21 who brought in the eco bus today. The P7s were reminded about what bin to use when binning waste and recycling. They then made the own recycling badges. 

Internet Safety Talk​​​​​​

Constable Phil Quinn came in today to remind the children about using the Internet safely at home. 

Cycling Proficiency 

Today the class continued practicing for the cycling Proficiency award. The children can bring in their bikes, and if needed they can be stored in school until completion of the award! 

Smartie Investigation 

The class today used smarties to help with their fractions and ratio work! 

Liam Kelly visits St Nicholas' 

​​​​​​Liam Kelly creator of the Worried William book series visited the class today to talk about his series of books and how he got over his own personal worries and fears. 

Titanic display 

We put all our projects on display at the main enterence today. As you can see the class put a lot of effort in and produced great pieces of work. Come on in and see them for yourself. 

Environmental youth speech 2019

Today Zuzia represent our class and school in the St Patrick's Centre Downpatrick. She give a brilliant speech on how we can become Eco Warriors and save the environment. Well done Zuzia you were brilliant. 

​​​​​Remaining Titanic displays arrive 

Today the last few projects came into class. They will be on show in hall way for everyone to see. Well done to P7 who have worked so hard at home on their projects! 

Local author visits P7 

The class had the wonderful opportunity to meet the local published author Christine Walsh. Christine talked to the class about how to write a great story and answered the classes questions about the books she has written. Christine will be back to read the stories the class will be writing in the next few weeks. We would like to thank Christine for taking time out of her busy schedule to come and see us. 

More Titanic work arrives 

Today some more of the class brought in their finished projects. The time and effort they have put in is brillaint. They will be on display soon in school. 

Titanic Project 

Today the first of the P7s brought in their completed Titanic projects. The class have been learning about the Titanic during WAU and have been working hard at home on their projects. The quality of work brought in today was amazing. Watch this space for more brilliant pieces of work over the next week! 


Confirmation-14th March 2019

Well done to all the pupils that received the Sacrament of Confirmation in St Mary's Church, Dunsford. The class have worked really hard over the past few weeks in preparation for today. They represented themselves, their families and St Nicholas' brilliantly. 

World book day 2019

Today the P7s went across to Ardglass Preschool to read them some of their favourite stories. We had great fun! 

Confirmation retreat 

Today we attended a retreat in preparation for receiving the sacrament of confirmation next Thursday. The class took part in serval workshop related to the fruits and gifts of the Holy spirit, sang songs and made their own Rosary ring. They finished the day with a small service in Dunsford Chapel. Thanks to Aisling, Paula, Orla and Anna for a wonderful day! 

Sponsor's letters 

Today the P7s went down to the post box to deliver their letters to their confirmation sponsors. 

Eco workshop 

Today Lucinda from Newry, Mourne and Down Council held a series of Eco workshops in school. In P7 we made our own pencil cases from re using used cereal boxes. 

Sugar display 

The P7s finished their display on the amount of sugar in our drinks. 

Daily Mile 

We planned the route today for the daily Mile which we will be starting in school over the next few weeks. 

We had a quick trail run after we decided the final route! 

Olympians in the making!! 


​​​​Today we were excited to find out that two of our class mates were selected in the Down team to take part in the NI Athletics indoor schools event in Lisburn in April. This is an outstanding achievement and we are all so proud of them. Well done guys! 

Confirmation preparation

We continued our preparations for confirmation on 14th March, by attending Mass this morning. 


How much sugar is in our drinks? 

Today the P7s were investigating how much sugar is in the drinks we all love. They measured out the sugar and placed it in bags. 

Money counting at ASDA

A big thank you to the P7 pupils who helped count all the coppers each class has brought in so far as part of the coppers challenge. 


The P7s heard from organisations including NIE, PSNI, the Fire Service and Translink at this event held in Ballymote centre. They highlighted the importance of being safe in different environments and who can help if something goes wrong. 

NI Athletics--Down heat

We went to the Down trails in Ballymote. All the pupils performed brilliantly. We are hoping some pupils will get picked for the Down squad that will compete against other council areas in April. 

Credit Union Quiz 


​​​​​​​​​​P7 attended the annual Credit Union Quiz in the Great Hall, Downpatrick. Both teams done really well and displayed some great knowledge. 

Girls Football

Boys Football


Entrepreneur day 


The P6 and 7 classes had great fun at the entrepreneur day. They sold all their products, making a great profit in the process! Well done. #sellsellsell

​​​​​​Entrepreneur visits 


P7 had the wonderful opportunity during entrepreneur week of meeting local entrepreneurs. They got an insight into what skills you need to run your own business. We would like to thank Ciara Van Vogt of Marget's Cottage and accountant Barry Flynn for taking the time out to visit the class. 

Children using games in maths to help them with negetive numbers! 


The class had fun exploring capacity in class class this week and were working on estimating and measuring amounts accurately! 

Science at Blackwater 


We absolutely loved our third and final visit to Blackwater today. We went to the science lab and conducted experiments focusing on chemical reactions! The faces say it all.. AMAZING 

Buddies visit P7


The primary 1s game to visit again this morning and as always we had great fun. This week we focused on the theme of anti bullying week 2018 ‘Respect’.  Both classes played a game with each other and talked through different scenarios of how they can make others happy and sad because of their actions. 

Games Design at Blackwater 

On Tuesday we were back in Blackwater Integrated College for our second week of activities. This week we were design our own games in ICT

DAB Angles 

The class were doing the dab to help with their work on angles this week. They were able to create and identify acute, obtuse and right angles!! 

Technology in Blackwater Integrated College 


Primary 7 had a great time in Blackwater yesterday making tea coasters. This was the first of three visits to the school. Next week we will be using the ICT suite to design games 


 Primary 1 visit Primary 7

The Primary 7s welcomed their P1 buddies today and they played a game to find out about all their favourite things!  

The class enjoyed making nets of 3D shapes today in class!!

The Book Fair has arrived!!!!


The book fair arrived in school today and the P7 class enjoyed having a look at what was on offer. Books can be bought all week! 

Well done Jody-Lynn!! This weeks Star player! (24/09/2018)

Annual Village Walk  2018

Thr primary 7s accompanied their P1 buddies on the walk this morning, and had great fun playing in the park.


The excitement was high in Primary 7 today as they found out they will be heading to East Coast Adventure in Rostrevor from Monday 3rd June to Wednesday 5th June. 


The cost is £150. You can pay in weekly/Monthly instalments or a lump sum payment.


£40 deposit required by Friday 28th September.


Well done to Cailean, our star player this week!


Faye-Rose was our star player today. Well done!

PE fun with Brendan from acti sport today !

We had great fun meeting our Primary 1 buddies today!

Welcome to Mr Rory Mason's P7 Class