St Nicholas' Primary School


P5 have been levelling-up their time-telling skills! We can now read any time to the minute, and we have used some interactive games to help us with this

Learning carousel: sequencing, times table revision and interactive maths games

P5 got some more practice at working with number sequences up to 10,000

P5 learned how to work with number sequences with numbers up to 10,000. We looked at sequences going up and down in 10s and 100s.

P5 made and decorated flash cards to help them with their 9 times table recall

P5 have been learning about using fraction notation with both simple fractions and mixed numbers

P5 put their new 7 and 8 times table skills to the test with some games

P5 have been learning how to carry out calculations with money. We set up a shop in the classroom and then role played shoppers and staff, giving out the correct amount of change when dealing with multiple purchases

Maths Week! On Thursday we played Number Shootout and then tried out the Maths board games that other groups made on Monday

Maths Week! On Wednesday we put our maths skills to the test by playing Countdown

Maths Week! On Tuesday we played times table bingo, Preston was the first to a full house!

Maths Week! On Monday we designed and played our own maths-based board games

P5 have been looking adding together 2 digit numbers. Today we tried to use a wider range of strategies to solve these problems rather than just using the ones we’re most comfortable with.

P5’s times table recall is coming along nicely! This week we focused on the 6 times table and today we made flashcards to help us with this.

We got the measuring instruments out again! This time we combined our measuring skills with the multiplication strategies we’ve been learning to find the area of surfaces

Using Partitioning to solve 2 digit multiplication problems

Estimating and Measuring the perimeter of spaces

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Estimating and Measuring the perimeter of spaces

Making flash cards to help us with our 4 times table recall

Measurement- we compared and used a range of instruments to measure different objects