St Nicholas' Primary School


Improving our time, measuring and data handling skills through activity based learning 😁

Working on our time telling skills ⏰😊

Sorting using Carroll Diagrams and Venn Diagrams 😁

Practicing our fast number bonds on the chrome books 🤩

Maths Snowball Fight ❄️

Time challenges 👀

Working on Time 🕰️

Investigating Fractions 👏🏼

Handling Data- Birthday Pictograms

Working on Division Methods ➗

Place Value games in P4 👏🏼

P4 Money Investigations 💷

Spotting right angles in our playground 📐

Investigating lines of symmetry 👏🏼

P4 on a right angle hunt 🔎

Investigating place value and working on our mental maths 🧠🙂