St Nicholas' Primary School


Welcome to Mrs Emma Wilson's P4 class.

Coaching Day

Primary four had great fun today with the Gaelic coaches from St Mary’s πŸ€— The children were taught new skills and even got the opportunity to play a match at the end. Thank you so much to the coaches and to all the children who brought the tokens into school. 😊

























Numeracy Activities 




Celebrations πŸŽ‰

P4 had a lovely party in class to celebrate their Holy Communion πŸ€—


Literacy Activities 



Eco Bus 🚌 visit πŸ€—


WW2 Trip- Castleward

































Spring has Sprung πŸ’ 

Learning outside was lots of fun! πŸ€—

P4 loved getting their hands dirty!





















Division in Primary 4 πŸ€—




Sorting into groups  


Working in pairs 








Division- Using smarties 🍬 πŸ˜‹ 





100th Day πŸ₯³



πŸ€—1000 Dojo PointsπŸ•

Well done P4! You have worked really hard to earn these points! A well deserved pizza party today!! πŸ₯³ We even managed to complete a handling data task on our favourite pizza toppings. 




Primary 4 had a very informative talk from Cancer Focus. They discussed how to keep healthy and what kind of foods are best to keep as an occasional treat.  πŸ”πŸŒ­πŸ•πŸŸπŸ—


Numeracy- Working with money πŸ’° πŸ’΄ πŸ’΅ 

















Making Christmas tree treats πŸ€— πŸŽ„

Primary one visited Primary four for some fun Christmas activitiesπŸŽ„

We had so much fun making Christmas cards, food for the reindeer and colouring in. πŸ€—
























πŸŽ…Christmas Preparations πŸŽ„

Primary four started their Art activities today for our Christmas displays in school. Be sure to check them out in the coming weeks πŸ€—



















Handling Data Activities πŸ€—

Primary four had great fun working together and discussing what size of shoe they wear. They were able to produce a graph showing the results they had gathered.













πŸ‘» Halloween πŸŽƒ 

























































Literacy Focus: Spelling and Phonics

P4 loved participating in a wide range of spelling activities this week. They discovered lots of new ways to learn their spellings at home πŸ€—
























πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈSpanish Day FunπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ 

Counting in Spanish, singing Spanish songs, learning the colours in Spanish and some food tasting πŸ˜‹

A great day today in P4! πŸ€—













Flashlight Friday πŸ”¦

Reading for Enjoyment πŸ˜ƒ

Great Success today! Primary 4’s had great fun reading to their teddies and each other. πŸ€— 




















πŸ˜‹Picnic Time πŸ€—





Aw two tired boys after all that fun 🀣

Activity Based Learning- Fun with Dinosaurs πŸ¦• πŸ¦– 

Digging for Dinosaur fossils πŸ€—

Painting our favourite Dinosaur 


Dinosaur arts and crafts- using patterns 





Look what we found πŸ€—





Reading Activities in class- Focusing on Adjectives 







Sorting in Literacy- A or An

Working in pairs.














Primary 4- First Gaelic Session πŸ€—

The class had a great first session with Liam today! They played the game Chains, were taught lots of new skills and even played their first match πŸ˜€ Well done Primary 4!!

























Numeracy- Mental Maths activities 

Squashy Boxes/Snakes and ladders- addition to 30 and 2 Times Tables game. 












Dinosaur Topic 

The Primary four children are loving their new topic! They are so keen to share their knowledge on Dinosaurs πŸ¦• They have created a pictogram in class of all their favourite Dinosaurs πŸ¦– and loved learning about what they eat. They are able to recognise and name quite a few, even some that I found hard to pronounce.🀣














31st August 2018- First Day in Primary 4 πŸ€—

Wow! What a fantastic first day in P4. We had lots of fun today! Especially getting to explore our new classroom and finding what new things are in it. We completed a scavenger hunt and played lots of games! We also showed Mrs Wilson how great we are at counting in twos and even completed work on the two times tables.  Keep checking back to see what else we get up to during the year πŸ˜ƒ




























Measuring- Length



Times Tables fun in the sunfrown














Measure- Exploring Area.

 Blanket of Snow

In pairs,  P4 children make a house of lego and covered it in snow(White paper)

They had to completely cover the house.


Deciding what shape and size to make their house.

What size of paper do we need to cover this house?

Building a lego community as an added challenge.

We did it!!!


Magic Box

P4 children had to work in groups and find ways of making the magic box disappear.


Using tens and units to see if that will fit over the box leaving no gaps.


They had to work out which equipment fitted best.

Using dominoes


 Measuring Area

P4 children had to draw around their partners foot. They had to work together and estimate the area.


Then they swapped over.

The groups had to then measure the area of their foot using cubes.



Easter Fun

We are going on an Egg Hunt!!!


We're so excited!!!




















We found them all!!!!!









Green Day!












World Book Day!!!!frown







Book Hunt-Working in groups









Numeracy Games smiley













Division- Using Smarties frown




Yummy we get to eat the Smarties now













Money Activities in class











Internet Safety Day












World War 2 Topic

Creating a scene from 'The Blitz'











Making invitations for our parental assembly- We are so excited!!!



Halloween Activitiesdevil

 Making chocolate covered apples frown




























 WAU/Art- Making their own Rainforest!

Working together to create their own Rainforest.






Coming along well!!


Working very hard!!








 Spooky Skeletons- Getting ready for Halloween frown












 Maths Activities- Addition of 2 and 3 numbers.







 Times Tables- Using Squashy Boxes. Great fun!indecision






 Drama Activities in class- James and the Giant Peach














Class Activities-Literacy, Numeracy and WAU

Lots of practical work happening in P4.


The children are really enjoying learning about Rainforests















Welcome back! smiley


Some fun activities in P4 this afternoon. A great start to the new term!frown














Investigating Area











First Holy Communion

πŸ™First Holy ComminionπŸ™
Congratulations to our P4 pupils who made their First Holy Communion today. They were a credit to their families, school and to Fr McCloskey. Well done boys and girls. We hope you enjoy the rest of your special day. 

Thanks also to Mrs Wilson, who prepared the children for today, for the choir, Mrs Kane & Mrs Fitzsimons and to all of our staff, and others who helped out in any way. We really appreciate it.



Shrove Tuesday

Making Pancakes-Yummy!






















100th Day of School


Counting 100 Marshmallows and 100 Mini Eggs



Counting the shapes within the 100 to see if the add up to 100


Sorting 100 Smarties by colour in a tally chart and graph.

Counting and making 100 using emojis

Making a necklace using 100 Cheerios

Making things using 100 pieces of lego 



Making the number 100


Tara wearing her 100 Cheerio's necklace.


Counting 100 confetti and making them into the number 100.


Making 100th Day crowns- for us to wear.

Some 100th Day activities outside. 10 lots of each exercise.


All the hard work is over- So we get to eat the food now!







Fantastic Mr Fox

Comprehension Activities

Group work- On Class novel Fantastic Mr Fox






Money Activities

Matching the coins to the correct amount.


Playing Toy shop- Making amounts to 50p


Money Bingo- This was great fun in class!



Tens and Units

Some work on subtraction in class.

The children worked in groups and wrote out sums for each other to complete at the end of the lesson.





Look at how well they can lay out their work!


  Measuring activities in class.

The children explored the different ways you can measure things.


The children worked together with a partner and measured objects in the classroom



They measured each pencil using a ruler and put them in order from biggest to smallest.


P3 Going on a Sound Hunt







































Numeracy activities











Come Follow Me at St Nicholas' Church was full of Singing, Dancing and Laughter with Fr G McCloskey and his team of Catechists this term!


Working with Tens and Units











P3/4 Sorting Odd and Even numbers






















The class are enjoying learning about Dinosaurs in their WAU topic