St Nicholas' Primary School

World Around Us

P5 have been learning about the different ways people make money. We talked about which ways are ok and which we should avoid and then wrote some advice to others.

P5 started their Money Matters topic by writing down and sharing the facts they already knew about money, as well as some questions they had.

P5 finished off their WW1 topic with a discussion on the long-term impact of the war. Pupils also came up with an unanswered question about the topic to ask.

P5 learned about the horrors of trench warfare in WW1 with a research task before taking part in a re-enactment!

P5 started off the new First World War topic by learning about who was on each side of the war and representing this on a map. P5 have also written reports this week on the causes of the war

P5 has a virtual visit from Museum on The Move that tied in perfectly with our Space Topic! We learned a lot about our solar system, passed around space objects and then had all of our questions answered in a second session

P5 studied the conditions of the other planets in the Solar System and then wrote postcards to our families as if we were on holiday there

P5 created their own mnemonics to help them remember the correct order of the planets going out from the Sun

We modelled how planets move through the system to demonstrate that planets further away from the sun have longer years.

Still image for this video

We used inflatables to learn about the different ways the planets and moons of the solar system move, and how these movements give us days, seasons and years.

We learned about just how big space is and used the Scale of The Universe 2 interactive tool to compare the sizes of space objects

Beginning our new space topic by establishing what we already know and discussing what we’d like to learn