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  😁 Welcome to Our Primary 1 Class Page! 😁





We have lots of fun in P1 😊


House Groups and Tables


Look at our amazing house groups! We love our new tables with all of our friends heart



Walk around the school


In our first few days we have been exploring our school. We have visited Miss Forward and Mr Burns in their office. They are people who help us.

First day in Primary 1


Another lovely day with a fantastic group of students. Everyone settled in well and it was great to see so many happy, smiley faces. I am looking forward to tomorrow when both groups join together smiley


First day in Primary 1


Welcome to all of our new students this morning. We had a lovely morning full of fun activities and it was lovely to see such happy smiles on everyone's faces. I look forward to meeting the second half of the class tomorrow smiley




First day in Primary 1


Welcome to all of our new students this morning. We had a lovely morning full of fun activities and it was lovely to see such happy smiles on everyone's faces. I look forward to meeting the second half of the class tomorrow smiley

Welcome to Miss Rebecca Madden's P1 Class

I can't believe the year is over ! Time goes by so quickly when you are having fun. I hope that the P1 children enjoyed their special year. I have really loved teaching them and I will have memories of them all for many years to come. I would like to thank their parents and guardians for all their help and support throughout the year. I hope that when the children are older that they will look back with fondness of their years at school but especially their year in P1. It has been a delight to teach them all and I have been so lucky to have such great support this year form Mrs Fitzsimons and Mrs Taggart.

Best wishes, take care and God bless.


Mrs Kane June 2018

Today we went on our summer walk around the village. We saw lots of signs of summer! It was so warm and the sun was so hot that we had to stop at the shop for a lovely treat to cool us down. A lovely way to spend the day in P1!
As part of our topic of Travel and Transport, Robbie our caretaker came to the classroom to help us make paper aeroplanes. He is so good at making them and he helped every child in the class to make one. He is very kind and patient! Once they were made, we took them outside to fly them. We had  a competition to see who could fly theirs the longest distance. This also linked in well to our Numeracy work as we had to measure distances and we also had to estimate first what distance they would go. Kaiden's went so far, he won the competition!
The P1 children were learning all about The Gingerbread Man. We read the story, did sequencing work on it and wrote lists of the ingredients needed to make them. Finally we baked some ourselves. It was great fun and the P1's are such good bakers! They all helped to measure and mix and we had to be careful and make sure that nobody opened the oven door so that  the Gingerbread Man could jump out! They tasted yummy!
Summer has arrived, at long last! The children have been enjoying their new topics. It is hard to believe that these are our last topics of the year. We are learning all about summer and the P1 children have loved playing in the Beach Café, taking orders and cooking delicious meals. They have also been learning all about travel and transport and have been busy booking holidays and getting some great last minute deals at the Travel Agents. They have been busy playing at our beach area in the sand tray, building sandcastles and listening for the sound of the sea through the shells. We have been finding out all about floating and sinking in the water tray and have been learning all about life under the sea too. It is great fun in P1!
As part of our new topic of Travel and Transport, the children went outside to watch the traffic that went past the school over a 15 minute period. We got to see lots of cars, some vans and even a lorry. A big bus also went past! But the funniest thing was Mrs Fitzsimons got on a bicycle and rode past us so that we could say that we also saw a bicycle as part of our traffic survey. It was good fun and the children really enjoyed learning in the outside environment.

Buddy Time

Today the children spent time with their buddy.The p6 and P7 children helped the P1 children with their Literacy work. The P1 children are now able to write sentences independently using words form their word list. The p6 and P7 children were there today to help and guide them when doing this. The children produced some great sentences and some beautiful pictures as well. Thank you to the P6 and P7 children for your time and patience with the little ones. The children love these sessions!

Spring has definitely sprung in Ardglass. Today we went on our Spring walk around the village to look for signs of Spring. We found daffodils and daises growing. We found long, green grass. We saw the birds building their nests high up in the trees. We saw buds growing on the trees and we even heard the busy bees. We had made binoculars in class so we brought them with us and they helped us to see everything much more clearly.
Drama time in P1. We used the pond and bridge in the Eco Garden as the back drop to our play about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children had a great time acting out the different scenes. Some children really used their imagination and played their parts so well. They had been learning about the story in class which was linked to their topic of Spring.
Mental Maths and Numeracy activities in P1.
Learning to tell the time.
Practical work on adding to 10.
Counting to 10.
Learning to add using the Adding Machine.
Making patterns
Making 2D shape pictures

Mathematics and Numeracy in P1


The children have been learning ordinal numbers.

Reading is great fun in P1! The P1 children love to hear stories being read to them and in P1 we use lots of big books that are linked to the topics that we are covering. These books are linked to the topic of spring and the children have completed lots of activities related to these big books in class.
Good news.......the frogspawn have developed into tadpoles! The P1 children are keeping a close eye on their growth and were so excited to see the change that had taken place. We will be out again to the pond in another few weeks to see what else might change!
Spring has sprung at long last! Take a look at all the activities we are doing all connected to our new topics which are Spring, The Vets, The Garden Centre, The Farm and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We are learning about vegetables and how they grow. We are learning about the role of the vet and the importance of looking after our pets. We now know how busy the farmer is in Spring with all the baby animals being born. We are reading about The Three Billy Goats Gruff and have put on a puppet show on this. We even have a troll and goats in the water tray to act out the story. The children have frogs in the water tray too as they are learning about the life cycle of a frog. We are always so busy in P1.
As a treat for being so well behaved and for working so hard in class, the P1 children got to go to the local park. They had great fun!
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone ! We listened to some lovely traditional Irish music and we made some cards for our families. The P1 children really enjoyed Green Day at school. They were so excited!!
We met the letter "g" this week. We call it Golden Girl. Mrs Fitzsimons brought in her guitar as it begins with our sound. She played some songs for us and we sang along with her. She even let the children play the guitar too. Mrs Fitzsimons is very good to us.
Before we finish our topic of winter, we went out to the Eco-Garden to feed the birds. We left them some water to drink and some bread to eat. We had great fun feeding the birds. We sat quietly for a while and we were able to hear the birds singing. We hope they enjoy their food!
In Numeracy, we are meeting the number 7 and in Literacy,we are learning about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In our play area, we have made a big castle and we have been doing lots of work on drama, acting out the story and this also helps with our counting as we have to set the table for the 7 dwarfs.They are very hungry after their hard day's work mining for diamonds!
We also went on a winter walk around the village to see if we could find signs of winter. We found lots of cold, bare trees. We really enjoyed our walk although it was very cold and we had to wrap up warm with our coats and hats!
Look at our lovely displays on the topic of winter.
In our Play Based Learning, we are also learning about Winter. We have a large igloo and the children put on their hats and use the fishing rods to catch some fish. We also have a small igloo to play with too. We painted lovely penguins and made pictures of snowmen from chalk. The children even made snowmen and Winter scenes with play dough too.
As part of our topic of Winter in W.A.U, we carried out an experiment. The children helped me to wrap up a bottle of warm water inside a woolly scarf and hat and then we wrapped up another bottle of warm water and put it inside a cotton top. At the end of the day, we felt the bottles and the water was so much warmer inside the bottle that had been wrapped up in the woolly clothes. Now we know why it is important to wear woolly clothes in Winter.
In Numeracy, the P1 children are learning all about the number 5.They are now able to read, write, order, count and make amounts up to 5. They have been working so hard. We played a game that was all about 5.It helped the children to learn to take turns, share, count and have fun!
Our new topic in W.A.U is Winter. The P1 children had lots of fun helping me to sort clothes that we should wear in Winter time. They put all the warm, woolly clothes in one set and all the light, Summer clothes in another set. This also helped to consolidate their Numeracy skills as we had to sort and count the items in each set. It was great fun!
Santa came to visit us today and gave each child a selection box as they were so good! Merry Christmas everyone from Santa, Robbie and Mrs Kane.
To finish our topic of The Chemist and The Surgery, the P1 children went on a visit to the local chemist and surgery today. They met all the staff in the chemist who gave them advice on what to do if they weren't feeling well. They reminded the children of the dangers associated with medicine and tablets and how to stay healthy and keep fit. The children really enjoyed their outing.
In Literacy, the P1 children have been learning all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We read the book, did lots of drama activities, completed sorting activities and to finish the topic, we made porridge. Mrs Kane was so lucky to have such good helpers to help her make the porridge. The porridge was very hot so we had to go for a walk to let it cool down. Luckily Goldilocks wasn't about! The porridge was yummy! Afterwards we had to put instructions to make porridge in the correct order. This work went into our Masterpiece books. The P1 children worked so hard at this, well done.
The P1 children would like to wish everyone a very happy and holy Christmas and a peaceful new year!
In  World Around Us, we are learning all about our school. We are learning about our uniform, how we travel to school, the names of the people who work in the school, all the different rooms in the school and how to keep our school tidy. Robbie is our caretaker and he has a very important job in our school. The P1 children interviewed Robbie and asked him questions about his job. We found out lots of information and we thanked him for looking after our school and us so well.
It was a busy day today in P1 as we were learning to make  patterns in Numeracy. The pattern was-red,green,red,green. Again, the children tried really hard and were able to make patterns in their groups. Well  done P1!
We had our first Prayer Service today. The children know that when the candle is lit that God is with us. We all tried to learn to bless ourselves and said some of our daily prayers.
In Numeracy, the P1 children are learning to sort. They sorted for colour first. They had to try to work together as a group and each group had a "leader". This was their first time sorting and working together as a group and they did really well.
It was Buddy Time today in St Nicholas' PS. The P1 children all met their Buddy from the P6/7 classroom. They were very excited and they enjoyed outdoor play time in our Eco Garden.
Our first picture all together as P1. The children also had their photograph taken for the local newspapers too. They are in the Down Reorder this week and will be in the Mourne Observer next week so make sure you look out for them.They have settled very well and are really good at lining up in the yard at break and lunch times!
Our last group of children joined us today in P1. They enjoyed playing with the toys, meeting all the other children in the school and we even had a session of Circle Time to help them get to know each other. They listened so well!
Meet our next ten P1 children. They found out which House Team they are in and got their coloured badges. They enjoyed playing with the toys in their new classroom and they all had nice, healthy snacks with them to eat. Well done boys and girls!
Have a look at our first ten pupils who started in P1.I think you will agree that they look so big and grown up in their new uniforms! They had great fun playing with the toys and they had a tour of the school and got to meet all the classes and staff.
The classroom is set, all we need are the new P1 children to arrive!
It's goodbye from me and it's goodbye from P1.This is our last photograph of the year. It is hard to believe that the year is over. It has been a delight to teach this P1 class and I will miss them very much! They are a credit to their parents. I would like to thank Mrs Fitzsimons and Miss Deegan for all their help and support throughout the year. I could not have done it without them.Thank you to all the parents for their support as well. I would like to wish the children all the best for P2. Take care and God Bless x
Our last topic of the year is on Travel and Transport. The children have been having great fun playing in the big aeroplane, the Travel Agents and the Airport. They have been busy booking holidays, packing their suitcases, preparing all the correct documentation as well as learning how to go through the security area before finally boarding the plane. They have been learning about the jobs of a pilot, air traffic control and an air hostess. Robbie, our caretaker came to our class to help us make paper aeroplanes. He is a very talented man! We took our aeroplanes out to fly and we had great fun. We also spent a morning observing the traffic that went past our school and carried out a survey on this. While we were out, we saw quite a flew planes flying over us high up in the sky.
Friday is our day for Outdoor Play .The children had great fun playing in the Eco Garden.They were digging and looking for insects. Some were reading,writing and drawing. They played football,skittles and lots of other games. Some children were playing with the musical instruments and others were playing with the blocks.They had great fun!.
The P1 children went out to the pond today to see if the frogspawn had changed into tadpoles and they had! The children were very excited and are looking forward to our next visit to the pond, in a few weeks, to see if we can find any frogs!
Happy Easter from P1! The children made chocolate buns and then they went on an egg hunt to find eggs to put in their baskets. They had great fun. They also made lovely Easter cards too.
The children have been busy playing with the farm we have set up in our role play area, linked to our topic of spring. They also produced some lovely art work for our display boards too.
The P1 children went for a spring walk around the village. They had to look for signs of spring. They saw buds growing on the trees, birds building their nests, the grass getting longer, and beautiful daffodils. They also thought they heard the "busy bee". They had great fun and were able to tell me all about spring.
To link in with our topic of spring, we have set up a vegetable shop in our play area. This has helped the children to recognise and name the different types of vegetables on sale. It has also helped the children with their understanding of money as they have to use 1p coins to pay for the vegetables. They have been enjoying  free and experimental play in the shop, pretending to be customers and shopkeepers.
One of our new topics is Mc Donalds.The children are having great fun pretending to be the customers and shopkeepers. Their mathematical language is developing as they have to pay for the different meals available to buy. They are also learning about time, as we had to decide on opening times for the shop.The topic has also helped develop their reading and writing skills as they have order books to take orders in and they have menus to read. Through this topic, they are also learning which food comes from which animal.The children love pretending to cook the food and serve their customers. We even have a Drive Thru area where they can go into in the little car and order their favourite meal from Mc Donalds!
Today the P1 children went to visit the chapel. They have been learning about this in Religion through their Grow in Love programme. When we were there, they heard the bells ringing and they were able to sing the song that they have been learning in class called The Church Bells. We looked at the Bible, the candles, the altar and the beautiful stained glass windows. They really enjoyed their visit and said lots of prayers when they were there too!
Each week the P1 children meet a new sound. Look at the lovely ducks they made for the sound of "d". We also use our Sound Crown to help us to remember objects that begin with each sound that we know. It is good fun.
The children have been learning about ordinal numbers.They have done lots of practical work in class to help them with this. We always try to link our Numeracy  lessons with our Literacy lessons. We read  a big book  to help us with our counting too.
It is Pancake Tuesday. The P1 children enjoyed eating their pancakes. Some had butter, some had sugar and others just had butter. The pancakes helped to warm us up on a very cold day!
To start our topic of spring, we went out to the eco garden to look at the frogspawn in the pond. The children were very excited! In a few weeks, we will go back out to see if they have changed into tadpoles.
To finish our topic of winter, we made snowball buns. They were yummy! we had to roll them in coconut to make them look like snowballs. The P1 children are great at baking.
The dentist came to visit us. She told us lots of information about our teeth and how to look after them. We are going to try to brush our teeth twice a day for 5 minutes each time. We will visit the dentist twice a year and we will try to eat healthy foods.
Our sound this week in Literacy was "k". We made lovely kites and took them out to fly. It was great fun!
The children have been learning about keeping healthy. We have a fruit shop set up in our role play area. This has helped us to learn all the  names of the different fruits and how to pay for them using our 1p coins.
Winter is here! The P1 children are learning all about winter. They have been making snowmen pictures with chalk, playing in our igloo and making winter scenes with play dough. We also went for a walk in the eco garden to look for signs of winter and we fed the birds too. It was so cold so when we came back to our classroom, we made hot chocolate. It was yummy!
Our new topic in P1 is The Dentist. The children are enjoying playing the roles of the dentist, the dental nurse, the receptionist and the patient. A dentist is coming to visit them in their classroom so  that the children can interview them about their job and also hopefully the dentist will give them lots of information on how to keep their teeth clean and healthy!
Happy Christmas from Primary 1.
To finish our topic of people who help us, the postman came to visit us. We found out lots of information about his job. He is very busy at this time of year but he let us see all the letters and parcels in his van.
To finish our topic of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we made porridge. It was yummy! We created a lovely display of our work too.
Today we went to visit the Post Office in Ardglass. The children have been learning about the Postman in their W.A.U. topic.Harry and Charlotte got to meet the Postmistress
The children are learning about the journey of a letter. They will be so excited when the postman delivers their letter to them.
The stamps are on and the letters are ready to post.
Now we will wait on our letters arriving to our houses. We are trying to learn our addresses too !
The children have been reading about Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Literacy. They have produced puppet shows at the puppet theatre, made porridge for the bears at the sand and even when playing in the water, they are developing their language associated with size as they play with big, middle sized and small bowls and spoons.
In Literacy, we read the story about the Owl Babies. The children really enjoyed making their own owls. Look at their beautiful work !
Our new topic in P1 is about people who help us. We are focusing on the Fire Service. The children are enjoying playing in the fire station and driving the fire engine that they helped to make.They have been learning about the equipment that is needed by firemen, the emergency number to ring, the uniforms worn, the work they do and the mode of transport used.This is a great opportunity to further develop the children's language as they act out different emergency scenarios. During Play Based Learning, they have also been using the construction toys to make models of fire stations and of houses that need help from the firemen!
It's Halloween and the P1 class have been making ghosts, cards and spiders. They all dressed up in their fancy dress costumes and took part in the Halloween Parade with the rest of the school. They had great fun and they all looked so scary!!!
In Literacy, we have been reading about The Three Little Pigs. We carried out an experiment to see how many huffs and puffs it took us to move certain items. The children had great fun pretending to be like the big bad wolf ! We tried to make a leaf,a feather, a ball, a stone, a rubber and a straw move by blowing them. The rubber would not move for us but the feather was easy to move. Now we know how tired the big bad wolf must have been after blowing down the straw and stick houses.
As part of our W.A.U. topic, we have been learning all about school. Robbie, our caretaker came to our classroom and we interviewed him about his job. Robbie is a very busy man and we loved having him in our room. We found out all about his job.
We went for an Autumn walk and we found lots of treasures!
We found leaves, pine cones, nuts and berries. Autumn is here!
Look at our lovely work, we have been so busy.
When we went back to class, we sorted our treasures as part of our Numeracy work. We love to sort.
Look at all our lovely work in P1 !
We have met Penguin One. He lives in the Number Zoo.
We have met the letter ' S'. We made snakes.
We painted our favourite toys.
On our first few days at school, we painted pictures of ourselves.

Buddy Time in P1.

Every Friday the P6/7 class spend time with their P1 Buddies. They have great fun playing together.

Welcome to Mrs Kane's P1 class.


Spanish Day in P1


Our First School Days.














Spanish Day in P1, we had lots of fun.

A big welcome to our new P1 pupils for 2016-2017. Don't they look adorable? 



Welcome to Michelle Kane's Primary One Class.

Our P1 pupils performing in their recent Parents Assembly