St Nicholas' Primary School

Maths Week Homework

Excellent number work Matthew! I can see that you did some good counting and told the time on the clock ⭐️

Well done Bria-Rose for doing excellent number work at home! I can see great fractions and counting 👍

Super number work Kian! Kian was able to measure objects at home and count out money. 🤩

Hollie did some brilliant counting this week. She also found shapes outside and timed her bike ride to school. Well done Hollie 👏

Odhran did great measuring and counting this week ⭐️

Cillin did some excellent number work this week! 🤩

Brilliant number work Mia 👍well done for doing super counting at home.

Wow Eva, excellent number work ⭐️ well done for doing lots of counting, measuring and addition at home.

Well done Abbie for doing super counting with money and cards at home 👏

Leo and Jacob enjoyed counting food, counting money at finding shapes at home. Super work boys 🤩

Aoife enjoyed measuring, counting money and counting in twos at home! 👍

Brilliant number work Fionn ⭐️

Aine did excellent counting with money and on the Abacus! Well done Aine 👏

Molly counted out money, weighed out her dog food and counted the house numbers in twos! 🤩

Joe did excellent number work at home ⭐️