St Nicholas' Primary School

✳️Children who are unwell or become unwell in school.✳️

✳️Children who are unwell or become unwell in school.✳️

This message is even more important during the pandemic. We cannot keep children safe without the cooperation and partnership of our families. It would be really helpful if families got accustomed to taking their child's temperature in the morning; a raised temperature is a symptom of coronavirus. All staff will be having their own temperature taken with a touchless sensor thermometer when arriving for work in school each morning. 

It is very important that if your child has been unwell the night before or in the morning that they remain at home especially if they are showing Covid-19 symptoms (high temperature, a new persistent cough, loss of taste/smell). Please do not send a child who is unwell into school. We are all in this together and by doing this we all can keep each other that little bit safer. 

We ask that parents take their child/children’s temperature in the morning before leaving for school.

If a child presents unwell during the school day we will contact parents immediately and arrangements must be made to take the child home. 

Please bear this in mind and have arrangements in place for child’s collection in this situation.

The school will follow strict PHA guidance at all times when dealing with suspected cases of Covid-19 and parents will be informed accordingly.

If children presents with, or complain of symptoms of coronavirus (persistent cough, sore throat, lack of taste or smell) we will isolate them in the Quiet Room. Staff will supervise to help ease anxiety and wear a mask to supervise the child and an apron and gloves if needing to be closer than 2m. The window will be left open door for ventilation purposes. 

Children in their class group (Bubble) will be moved outside or to a place inside eg School Hall if possible while the area they have worked in is cleaned. 

Parents or carers will be expected to collect their child without delay. They will be expected to arrange for a test for their child immediately. When the child leaves school, the isolation area will be cleaned before it is used again. Parents of those in the class group (Bubble) will be informed that a child/ adult is being tested and will also be told of the outcome of the test. 

Once again we implore that families must not send in children who are unwell. The rule of thumb must be very different with the current crisis: if in any doubt, keep your child at home. This includes the 48 hour rule for any sickness and diarrhoea.

Many thanks
Mr Kevin Burns