St Nicholas' Primary School

Good-bye Mrs Sharvin

👋Good-bye Mrs Sharvin😢

Mrs Sharvin wanted to pass this message on to everyone

Dear Parents, grandparents and pupils

I am afraid I was too emotional to speak coherently today, so I have taken to Facebook/school website to say what I should have said earlier.  Firstly I want to thank the children for their beautiful tributes I am honoured that they thought so highly of me. Secondly I want to pay Regards to the P7 children and wish them success and happiness in their new schools, I hope they make new friends and retain the friendships they have already made in St Nicholas. Thirdly I want to thank all the parents and grandparents who have been so kind and generous to me over my 21 years I have enjoyed many a laugh over the years and I truly appreciate your friendship. I already miss the children terribly but now that I'm going to have free time on my hands,  I just want to let you know that I'm available for the odd bit of free babysitting if you are stuck!😜 Finally I want to thank the Parents Association, and all the Staff for their beautiful gifts, generosity, and kindness. I am deeply touched by all your displays of affection and I am very sad to be leaving you all behind but I will always cherish the friends and the lovely memories I have made😍 But for now I'll take my leave and  wish you all good health to enjoy a long and happy future.

Yours truly 

Karen Sharvin xxxx