St Nicholas' Primary School

P5/6 class earn themselves a Pizza Party using 'Class Dojo!'


Since September, Miss McGrady has been using 'Class Dojo' as a behaviour management tool in the classroom, reinforcing positive behaviour at St Nicholas'. Children can be assigned 'dojo's' throughout their lessons by: listening well, completing set tasks, handing in completed homework each day, attending school and using excellent manners. 


Information is recorded on students' profiles which are set as 'avatars' which can be reviewed throughout the year.

It has been a huge success and has had a positive and beneficial effect on the children's learning. 


The children decided on their own 'rewards' after they received 1000 dojos. When they reached the first 1000, their reward was 30 minutes extra play in the yard. 2000 dojos was time spent in the ICT Suite playing fun, interactive games. They were recently awarded 3000 dojo points and they wanted a 'Pizza Party!' Today they received their wish and pizzas were ordered and delivered to the school from Dominoes Pizza in Downpatrick. They all loved it and had a great time. What willl the children choose for earning 4000 dojo points?! Wait and see!