St Nicholas' Primary School

Re-opening of School in August for Pupils


End of Year Letter to Parents / Guardians


             Dear Parents / Guardians,

             Enclosed is your child’s Annual Report & Annual Tri-Fold Information Leaflet for the next School  Year


              I would like to thank you all for the support given to pupils’ learning at home in recent months

             support given to us in school during the year.  We are busy planning for the new school year

             which begins from Monday 24th August for some pupils.


Our Class Teachers for 2020-21

P1 – Mrs Michelle Kane & Miss Christine McCann

        P2 – Mrs Karen Fennell

        P3 – Miss Cathy Curran       

        P4 – Miss Grace Somerville

        P5  – Mrs Emma Wilson     

        P6  – Mr Shane Sweeney     

P7 – Mr Rory Mason


Class Start Dates for 2020-21

 P2 - P7- Monday 24th August - WHOLE CLASSES in attendance each day (Week 1 – school finishes at 2pm)


 P1 - Thursday 27th August to 11am Group1, Friday 28th August to 11am Group 2

 (Thereafter Group 1 – Mon & Tue, Group 2 - Thurs & Fri)

 P1 School Day to Fri 25th Sept is 12noon or 12.30pm for Pupils receiving Free School Meals


 Our Breakfast Club will not be open for the first few weeks until we see how the Covid-19 pandemic     



         Please note due to the need for social distancing and possibility of cross-contamination,

          in the new school year pupils must bring the following items in their own pencil case to

          class each day and must not share their own belongings: Pencils, Erasers, Crayons / Colouring Pencils,

          Sharpener, 1 X Packet of Anti-Bacterial Wipes, 1 x Small Bottle of Sanitiser (e.g. 50ml)


          Have an enjoyable & safe summer and we will look forward to welcoming you back in the Autumn!



          Mr Kevin Burns